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Before you start, please note that this website is only for architectural competition perspectives. Otherwise, please click here. If this is your first non-competition perspective, please click here and check the ONE DOLLAR PERSPECTIVE OFFER!!.

Please read the following carefully:

Since this is a free service and for architectural competitions (obviously with fixed timetables), several applications for free perspectives maybe forwarded at the same time (and for the same competition, as well). In this case, only few will be chosen according to which is going to look best as a computer generated product (priorities will be given to high-tech exteriors, interiors, general exteriors and then aerial view perspectives), among other artistic evaluation factors. Based on that, you must continue with your arrangements for purchasing perspectives for your competition submittal elsewhere, as if this free offer is not in progress. This free perspective offer can be considered as a sort of backup, alternative, or extra perspective, also as a sort of trial, pre-design evaluation or for the competition report one. Not choosing your application for a free perspective should have no effect and be of no risk or harm to your competition submittals, at all.

Proceeding with the following will automatically indicate that you are in agreement with the above noted terms.

Here is all what you need to do:

E-mail the necessary drawings for developing your free perspective either in DWG format (preferred), as scanned sketches/images in JPG format, or both. Don't forget to compress DWG files and image files other than JPG or GIF formats. Include the competition organizer e-mail/website address. Submittals received without the competition organization information will be ignored. If your project is chosen/accepted, you will receive a final product within a week via e-mail in a JPG format computer image file.