The Rosebud in Davis Square in Somerville, MA is so close to perfection that the few flaws are cast in sharp relief:
  • The burgers are great, but the fries are an aquired taste that has eluded me
  • They didn't have a working waffle iron for the longest time -- I finally stopped asking
  • No frappes (milkshakes to the rest of you)
  • The wait during the school year can be 45 minutes or an hour
Oh well, the tile and woodwork inside and the the neon outside are beautiful, and the burgers really are great, as are the garden burgers and the grilled chicken salad.

Beautiful tile work below the counter and on the dining-area floor.

The Rosebud is a gorgeous example of a Worcester diner.    The Rosebud has a wonderfully-maintained and interior.

A rose in Winter.    Booth Service.

Counter stool and tile.    Transom stained glass.

Wally ties one on.    Corner booth window.

Pink neon.    Looking over the roof.

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