(First published at Dave Goldberg's Diner Page, 10/23/99)

Eddy's Diner
Quincy, Massachusetts

Its been gone for a few years now (eight? ten?), the burned-out, boarded-up remains bulldozed and built over, but Eddy's Diner in Quincy is missed by those who appreciate real diner food, a bottomless cup of coffee, and a fine place to enjoy it 24 hours a day. By the time I came to know Eddy's, the exterior was covered with suburban-dentist-office stucco and brick, but inside it was still a diner, gleaming stainless steel with tabletop jukeboxes in vinyl-upholstered booths, pies on display, and cigarette machine just inside the entrance.

The jukebox had Springsteen's cover of Jersey Girl years before you could get in a record store, Mack the Knife, Blue Velvet, New York New York, and enough current stuff to satisfy hoi polloi, and you got two tunes for your quarter long after everyplace else charged a quarter each, if they had a jukebox at all.

The smoke could get thick, especially when the bars closed and the night shift came in around 2AM, but it was a great place stop on the way back from Nantasket Beach, or for the date test (does she like diners?) or after we wrecked the borrowed '68 Caddy limo (not our fault -- it was a hit-and-run on the Southeast Expressway, but Eddys was the only bright spot in that night).

The London Broil was always a good bet; with a side salad heavy on the iceberg; rolls and butter; fries, mashed, or baked; peas or carrots; and pudding. The pork chops and burgers never disappointed. For vegetarians, there was chicken, turkey and fish. The green beans weren't crunchy, but you could get your breakfast-anytime steak-and-eggs rare and runny if you liked.

It was my unrealized dream to spend a long weekend at the adjacent Eddy's Motor Lodge and eat each meal (and midnight lemon-meringue-pie and rice-pudding snacks) at the diner, a fresh roll of quarters by the tabletop jukebox. My advice is to chase your dreams now, tomorrow may be too late.