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E Z 4 U

Seven (minute abs)
After Hours
It's A Good Day













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You say believe
but I say I can't
even acheive
and how can I
believe in that

But I thank you for
words that seem to care
still you want more
what I hold
I just can't share

You always say
be happy with how you are
but it's easy to claim
when you're already beautiful

Give me the strength
God can you hear me?
give me the strength
cuz I don't want to fear me

Please take these words
I say with a grain of sand
cuz I may change my mind
if you change you demands

So feed my thoughts
with things that are not real
but you'll cry to me
when you forget how ti feel

So where do I go?
should I admit defeat?
my friend, the answer's no
for me there's no retreat

Still this doesn't change
the reason you're so tense
maybe someday
you'll cure your arrogance
and I know


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We've sealed our pact today
this is where I draw my line
no longer will you have the final say
I take it all back, take it all back
I'm taking back my life

Now I am free
from caring what you think of me
Now I am free
from the way you see

Did I think or did I believe
so my souls begins to stir
giving all just to acheive
exist without human nature

Like the leaves that fall from rain
you cannot predict my way
I can ignore all the pain
I have control of all my days


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Why can't you leave me alone?
I'm doing my thing on my own
told me that you don't aprove
everything is wrong I do
soul surviving after all
taken not to how they fall
but I see why you are so blunt
true friends stab you from the front

Let me be
why can't you see
It's killing me
let me be

Bragging words spit from your lips
so good you shoot from the hip
but no one truley stands by you
noting faults they never knew
your success is based on greed
cherishing what we don't need
cold hard cash and diamond rings
the most important things in life aren't things

The more I learn about this world
the more I fear the path I'm on
the more I hate what I've become
the more I see what's real is gone
the less I know about myself
the less I run away from you
the less I fight it from within
the less I strive to know the truth

It's so hard now looking back
but I still cannot face the fact
all those years of being free
your empty thoughts digusting me
so you have the status high
I can't see how you get by
can you look in the mirror square?
remind me of why I should care


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What's wrong with you
today they said
It's not a constant thing
that's making me sad
when I'm feeling depressed
feeling down
feeling sad
feeling weak
can you feel me
not yet

Feel me
can you feel me
not yet

What's wrong with you
today she said
It's not a constant thing
that I dread
when I'm
feeling depressed
feeling down
feeling sad
feeling me
can you feel me
not yet


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Now, I look at you
looking at me
and I see the boy I used to be

Livin' a lie
exposing yourself
not realizing that it's empty wealth

Yeah look and you'll see
(you're going to fast)
feeling the rush
(oh no it won't last)
you could keep sliding
(with your glass crown)
there's only one
and that's down

Back in the ring
another round
it's just to bad
you're gonna hit the ground

Hey don't you know
that this world is mine
and I see
what you'll do to it in time

Heaven knows
you lead a life of sin
I won't bother looking
cuz you won't get in

I know that's right
and you are wrong
figure it out
but it might take too long


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After Hours

Can you feel it in the air?
good times we're about to share
cut it off and cut it loose
loosen up society's noose
Can you feel it in the air?
good times we're about to share
cut it off and cut it loose
loosen up society's noose

The sun's gone down
no room for cowards
we ain't got no time for downers
thank God that it's after hours
Here's the reason why you scower
time to excersise my powers
thank God, now it's after hours

Feel the music, hear, my friend
genuine, no, not pretend
rise above your expectations
I just don't have time for patience
How well do you know yourself
when you stay molded on the shelf
so uptight from day to day
well now it's night, it's time to play


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The seeds of the future
lay buried in the past
so good at first impressions
bad at making them last

But if I'm not stable
how can I expect
to bring her into my life
my lifelong regret

How can I just stop a feeling
everything is blurred
how can I change what I don't know
everything is blurred
will you stand beside me when
everything is blurred
will you be there to guide me when
everything is blurred

I took for granted
the potential that lays
within a moment
beyond the deny

The mystery thickens
this burning inside
froma flame she ignited
now a part of me dies


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It's A Good Day

I look outside and I see the moon risin'
feeling pretty good cuz I'm one day wiser
I know my time is short so I better get it on
This is my time I'm free from dusk til dawn

It's a good day
to do nothin' til the sun goes down
It's a good day
to do nothin' til the sun goes down

Greet my eyes with the setting sun
my mind is set on havin' fun
rock all night til the night is done

Something about tonight feels right
the rising moon brings a second sight
to the world I see no guiding light


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2001, AfterImage