Phil Palmfeather's disclaimer was composed with the help of Mighty Ducks fan Robina (owner of Coolzoo). Want to see more of Robina's creative talent in action? Just go visit her web site via the Coolzoo button on Nosedive's Far Out Links Page.

Phil: Ok, let's get some things straight here. The Ducks used to be mine, but thanks to my latest laywer, who is now with the one that gave the ducks the right to build beneath the pond, Disney was able to buy their contracts from me. What do you have to do to get a lawyer that pays attension to the fine print? Anyway, the Ducks belong to Disney now, and SO DO I!!!!!! What's a guy to do?

On to other matters, I signed a contract with Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di that says that I protect her from being sued. And she won't kill me off if I get too annoying. And, in benefit, with nothing extra for myself (except maybe she'll be nice enough to have the ducks make me some money in her stories.) I'd like to add that all other characters on this site that you would not find on the Mighty Ducks TV show (Jazz, Ruby, Brotherhood members, Premnitia's piano teacher, Orphanage children and owner, Premnitia, Jazz. and Tanya's families, Natalie, Pride Members, everyone from Felonia, Biren, Warren, the idea of Tanya being the Black Cat) are Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di's!!!!! Okay, I'm done for now. Oh! One more thing! Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di makes no money off of the Ducks (that's for Disney and me) so pleasepleaseplease don't sue!!

Phil:"Man, I'm hungry. I wonder if they have anything to eat back at The Black Cat's Lair?"