Mal's gathered up information on all your favorite Mighty Ducks, Saurians, and even my own character creations. So come read all about it! and get the 4-1-1 straight from the duck's beak.


Tanya Gertrude Vanderflock

"I said flip the switch not press the button!" "I found this chain of stores called 'Lectric Land. It's fabulous! They've got everything!" "It's quiet out there...too quiet. *laughs* I've always wanted to say that."

Tanya Vanderflock (nickname: Tawny) is the team tech. She's got a knack for inventing new weapons, upgrading the supercomputer she made (Drake One), and designing new vehicles for the team's fight against Dragonaus. I'd say she was about 22 maybe up to 24 in age and around 5'7" in height). On a more personal note, I've taken the liberty of making her The Black Cat, leader of a gang of mutant jewel thieves back on Puckworld called The Pride. Tanya can now shift into the form of a catduck (mutant) with black furry claws, fangs, black ears, a tail, and pale blue cat eyes. Although she's managed to supress her mutant appearance from the other five ducks she loses control and is finally forced to reveal herself to them. Tanya will also be dating Duke L'Orange in several of my fictions, they even get married and bask in the joys of parenthood. ^_~

Duke L'Orange

"The good lookin' ones are always trouble." "We are friends to anyone who struggles for a good cause, *laughs* I always wanted to say that." "Don't be so sure. I might have a little larceny left in me." "Badda bing badda boom baby!" "You want I should pick the lock?" "His style lacks a certain...finesse."

Duke L'Orange (nickname: Greatest Thief of All?; mob: The Brotherhood of the Blade) is a former jewel thief (most notorious jewel thief on Puckworld) who's decided to go straight and now fights on the right side of the law. He's joined up with the team and puts his skills to good use whenever he can. More personal note, (in my fics), he's Tanya's boyfriend and finds her even more entincing once he learns that she's not only an intellegent, good looking hacker, but an ex-jewel thief too. They also get married and have kids. I'd say he's around 28 to 30 years old and stands about 5'9".

Wildwing Flashblade

"If we can capture Dragonaus, we'll have completed our mission." "You can do it! No matter what it takes." "Forget it Phil."

Wilding (Wing) is the team captain of The Mighty Ducks. He also leads the team against Dragonaus in battle. Their mission is to hunt down the Saurians and bring them to justice, which means using the Saurian's dimensional gateway to return home to Puckworld. He doesn't feel that he can do as good a job of leading the team as Canard, (his best friend and former leader who's stuck in dimensional limbo). Despite what Wildwing may think, he's the best leader and goaly the team could ask for. ^_^ And in my fics he marries Mal and winds up with twins (boy/girl). Wing's about 20-22 years old. He stands maybe 6', give or take a couple of inches.

Mallory McMallard

"Let's rock ducks!" "I like to consider myself--daringly different." "Care to check out my greatest hits?" "I HATE machines."

Mallory's an army commando that doesn't really get along well with machines. Although she does have a way with a Puckblaster! Mal's a combative member of the team that's not afraid of a few casualties (but hey, she's learning). This bombshell beauty has a soft side that she occasionally lets show. She's also paired with Wildwing in my fics. ^_~ Any yes...I give them kids. (Twins: boy/girl) Mal's about 22-24 years old, 5'5".

Nosedive Flashblade

"DUCKS ROCK!" "We are set for some serious street hockey!" "Bernie was bear, he had ears like a bear, had big nose like a bear..." "Move over ducks! I'm gonna steal that puck and rock this joint!"

Nosedive (Dive for short) is the kid brother of Wildwing the team captain. This young duck's got a rebellious style, kickin' attitude, and a genuine love for pizza, video games, comics, and cartoons! His age isn't mentioned but I'd say he's probably around 17 or so in the series. I'd say he's about 5'7" maybe take away an inch. In my fics he winds up with my mutant duck character creation, Jazz Billeres. He totally rocks her world (since she's got a maturity level only slightly higher than his, lol). Believe it or not I actually gave this guy a daughter. Can you imagine NOSEDIVE raising a kid?!


"I am one with the universe." "Pain is an illusion, an illusion that REALLY REALLY hurts." "You wouldn't want to disrupt my inner peace and tranquillity? Would you Phil?" "I hope this isn't going to become another one of my past lives." don't his last name, is the big guy of the team. His got muscles, skills, and a way with philosophy. Grin's one of these guys that believes in karma and stuff and really gets into being one with the universe. I pair him up with my mutant duck character creation Premnitia Quackcast (she's also into karma, ti-quack-do, and stuff). Yes, I give the guy a kid too, a son. ^_~ Grin is...maybe 23-25? He's REALLY TALL so I'd say 7'(probably need to add more inches, lol).

Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di's (My) Creations

Premnitia Quackcast

"Don't cloud my aura!" "Karma strikes again!" "I foresee doom." "Pessimism is an overlooked virtue." "Be ready for the worst...hope for the best."

Premnitia Quackcast is a main character of mine that's both a mutant AND a duck. She has the ability to alter weather, see visions, read thoughts, take over physical actions of others (Saurians, hehe), super strength, and has a heck of a lot of magic. She's still developing her powers though, so they're not always at full strength (unless she gets mad, you DON'T wanna make her mad). She has jet black hair, acts pretty mature for her age. Height? Um...5'9", pretty tall. She has amber eyes and gray feathers. Her soulmate is Grin, her passion is yoga and ti-quack-do (she studied under the same great hockey master as Grin), and her pastimes include reading, practicing her fighting skills, and playing the keyboard in her rock band. Premnitia's 19 and gets together with Grin in my fics, and naturally, I give them a son, . If you wanna know more about her past, check out my fanfiction "The Black Cat".

Jazz Billeres

"Party!!!" "Let's kick some scales!" "Draggy's goin' down!" "HEY! It's not just a comic book---it's MY LIFE!" "Cartoons rule!" "Don't hurt Dive!"

Jazz Billeres, also called Jazzerbell by her 'brother' (whom she actually isn't related to, he just sort of took her under his wing when her parents disappeared), is a mutant duck with the ability of super speed, photographic memory, and a mind that can store vast amounts of knowledge. She's also one kickin' hockey player who's into art and electric guitars! Jazz is sort of the lead vocal for the rock band that she and Prem (her best friend) are in. She's totally into Nosedive, which works, cuz he's head over heels for her too. ^_~ In her spare time Jazz likes to race like the wind, make comic books (which Dive is glad to read, lol), and hang with Tawny around Drake One. Jazz is around 17 (turns 18 and so forth in my fics), emerald green eyes with neon green streaks, cream colored feathers, 5'6" tall, and blonde hair. To sum her up: Creative Wild Tomboy. Learn all about her in my fanfic "The Black Cat".

Natalie Beakbay

"It's Phil! HIDE ME!!" "I love my students dearly...even when they drive me to insanity." "All women have a wild side. Some are just better at hiding it."

Natalie Beakbay is Tanya's best human friend. She's sort of a human version of Ruby Dunshap. At the age of 26 (standing a whopping 5'7") Natalie is a highly intelligent, yet attractive and fun loving, professor/scientist at the Anaheim University of Science & Technology. Nat has flame red hair, green eyes, and a light complexion. Sadly, Phil notices she has hot looks which she cunningly conceals behind her lab coat and glasses (like Tanya) and falls for her. Poor Natalie, lol. While Nat would do just about anything to help out Tanya and her friends (mainly the mutants Jazz and Premnitia) she'd rather swallow a beaker of acid then distract Phil with a date. Who could blame her right? ^_~ Check her out in my fanfic "The Black Cat".

Sandy Meadows

"I'm the bashful innocent one." "Talk about an understatement." "The preps and the jocks DESERVE each other!" "I know something else I'd like to beat on..."

Sandy Meadows is the teenage drummer for the rock band that Jazz and Premnitia started. She's also best friends with the mutants and can get into the groove whenever the mood hits! With orange hair and hazel eyes she pulls off the innocent look, which gives her a nice girl rep that she isn't really that fond of. Playing the drums is just her way of gettin' loose. Sandy is pretty much the problem solver of the foursome of friends (Jazz, Prem, Sandy, and Desiree). Her age and height? 18 years old and 5'5". Read all about her in "The Black Cat".

Desiree McCoy

"Ya gotta follow your dreams, hey, lots of times they're all ya got." "You know your homegirls are always gonna be there for you." "Ain't nothin' better than unwinding with your girls." "Guys just don't get it, WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR!" "My man knows who's in charge---me."

Desiree McCoy has it all, looks, talent, and a way with words. She's got an incredible voice and plays one of those electric guitar/keyboard thingies (lol, I'm bad with instrument names) in the band with Jazz, Prem, and Sandy. This tough street girl has a heart of gold that she keeps concealed behind layers of leather and chains. Her dark brown eyes and pitch black hair give her the look of a knock out rock sensation. No wonder she gets along with Prem so well, they're both girls who enjoy beatin' up the boys. ^_~ Des stands about 5'8" at age 19 (nearly 20). You'll find her in "The Black Cat" fic.

Bren Crosshatch

"Don't ask me, you're the one who just dropped outta the sky." "I live for the adventure of survival!" "Love? Fine, so long as it doesn't hold me back." "I'm a fighter, hey, it's what I do best." "You don't wanna take orders? Fine. Then get off my ship!"

Bren is a character I created to find Canard when he comes out of dimensional limbo and lands in an Earth desert in one of my fics. While she's looking for the Resistance she runs across him and they start searching Earth together, only to fall for each other along the way. What took them so long to hit it off? Eh, they're too much alike, both used to giving orders instead of taking them. Bren's very strong willed and independent. She's got a good heart but builds walls between herself and anyone trying to get close to her. Basically she's a loner who prefers adventure to the company of others. She's got royal blue eyes, tan feathers and slightly darker hair. Bren stands about 5'8" and is around 21 years of age.

Ruby Dunshap

"Great minds scheme alike." "I'd say being a scientist is the perfect cover for a mutant jewel thief to have." "Tanya's just afraid she'll get her heart broken, it's what she does all her thinking with." "We're best friends, nothing and no one's ever gonna change that." "It's time ya thought about yourself, The Pride can handle themselves." "Why if I wasn't such a lady I'd..."

Ruby is Tanya's best friend and lab partner back on Puckworld. She's also second in command in the mutant mob Tanya leads. Tanya introduced Ruby to a charming yet cynical male avian who wound up marrying her. Now Ruby has a husband and son to think about (they've become her 'cure') and she no longer worries about her mutation. Her Felonian counterpart/'sister' is Felexia Sabern. Ruby's son's name is Birin Dunshap. As far as appearance, Ruby gets her name from her ruby red hair. She's got sea green eyes and pearl colored feathers along with a very protective and fiery personality. She's around 23 or so and 5'6" tall. She appears in "The Black Cat" and "In Captive Wings" fics.

Amore Heartthrob

"I'm the undisbuted Queen of Hearts." "Men love me, women wish they WERE me!" " your hearts out." "I'm drop dead gorgeous and I play men like second hand harps." "Diamonds really ARE a girl's best friend." "Why go straight when bein' bad's sooo much more entertaining?"

Amore is the one duck that every Avian on Puckworld would die to date. She's got looks, a wild side, and the will to play 'em all! She never loses at Poker and likes to tease the men whenever she can. The other Pride members think she's livin' it up a little too much but Amore simply sees herself as making good use of her 'natural gifts'. Being a cat-duck mutant she can't live too loose and fancy free. She's not easy but is easy on the eyes (unless you cross her path). She's also loyal, loving, compassionate, resourceful, and generous. Traits you wouldn't expect her to possess just by looking at her. She stands 5'5" with crimson hair and icy blue eyes. Her feathers are pearl colored and she's more or less always wearing some type of exquisite jewel. This flirtatious mutant meets her match when she falls for a Brotherhood member that she rescues when he's left for dead by Falcone. They wind up getting married and their love proves to be Ruby's 'cure'. Hooked on the female bombshell? Get in line and check her out in "The Black Cat".

Emery Drakestone

"Oh great, I'll never live this one down!" "No matter how old I get, I'll always be the rookie of The Pride." "Rock'n'roll is my life, just gimme a beat and I'll turn it into a hit!" "Being a mutant ain't all bad, the benefits package kicks tailfeathers!"

Emery is the rookie of The Pride. She joined when she was 19 (around 20 or so now) and she fouled up a few heists. Luckily, Tawny (The Black Cat) kept her and the others from getting caught. Emery isn't very trusting, it takes her a while to warm up to people, but she's loyal and kind hearted. She can fight well with a sword and is pretty flexible. She prefers solitude, her best friend (and fellow mutant Pride member) is Tannis Webrock. Emery has white feathers, emerald green eyes (thus her name), solid black hair, and one heck of an independent attitude. She loves her rock music and finds her 'cure' once she makes it big as a rock star. Best of all, she finds love with a childhood sweetheart who stumbles onto her secrets and excepts her for who and what she is. ^_^ Height? About 5'5". You can catch this thief in "The Black Cat".

Piyamari Fushya

"The Felonians are good people, when unprovoked." "Threaten my sister, and you threaten me. And you do NOT want to threaten me!" "I believe Tanya has a good heart, she just doesn't know it yet..." "I see great things for our future, provided certain hearts find each other."

Piyamari Fushya is the Princess of Felonia (a dimensional kingdom of cat creatures) and the 'sister' of Tanya Vanderflock (aka The Black Cat). She's a loyal sister and treats Tanya as an equal (thus Tanya is considered a Princess of Felonia as well). Piyamari's constantly worrying over her sister and taking advice from her best friend Felexia Sabern. As a powerful enchantress Piyamari's quite the force to be wreckoned with when someone rubs her fur the wrong way. She's an excellent leader and friend to anyone who she senses is good at heart. She's always encouraging Tanya to start a relationship with Duke and trust her teammates, she also helps Tanya become a trainer for Jazz and Premnitia. Piyamari's probably about 22 to 24 and stands at 5'7". She can be found in "The Black Cat" fic.

Felexia Sabern

"Take care with your gifts, you possess them for a reason." "No one harms my family!" "I serve the Princess for two reasons, we're friends and her heart will give us a better future." "If I engage in battle, my enemies will barely live to regret it."

Felexia Sabern is the advisor and protectress of Princess Piyamari. She's a skilled warrior and weilds a magical staff. Her claws and sword make her a very deadly adversary when challenged. It takes a lot to win her trust but her loyalty is worth it. Her Puckworld 'sister' is Ruby Dunshap (Tanya's best friend and The Pride's second in command). Felexia also has a daughter named Sabella. At the age of 23 she stands 5'6" with dark brown fur, raven black hair, and stunning green eyes. See her in action in the fic "The Black Cat".

Sabella Sabern

"No one can defeat The Black Cat, she's the best there is!" "I may be little, but I'm deadly!" "Trust has to be earned, pestering me won't get you anywhere."

Sabella (Sabby) Sabern is the daughter of Felexia Sabern and Felonian protigee of Tanya Vanderflock (The Black Cat). She's about 3'9" with bright hazel eyes, off-white hair, and tan fur. Sabby's around 10 years old in Earth years and has a very combative attitude. She can be a loving little girl when she wants to be and adores Tanya. She's warming up to the other ducks, mainly Duke, but is still slow to trust people. She's mentioned in "The Black Cat" fic.

Samone Lovetrotter

"Love is the most chaotic emotion there is." "I don't control love, it's too powerful, I merely guard it against those who would abuse its power." "The heart is your most powerful weapon, it's the one defense that will still work even after it's broken."

Samone Lovetrotter is among the group of immortal Felonians entrusted with guarding the most powerful forces of life's nature. She was under the control of an evil sorceror's spell for several years (she misused her powers of love but didn't completely destroy it) but was freed when Tanya allowed herself to be slain. Samone's heart kicked in and she used all her powers to save Tanya's life, thus the spell was broken and Tanya survived, barely. Now Samone is entirely in Tanya's debt and sees her as a strong ally. She now encourages any and all feelings that Tanya and Duke share for each other, hoping that their love will lead to the future she foresees for them but is forbidden to reveal. She's seen in "The Black Cat" fic (appears to be around 26 or so) and stands 5'9" with dark brown fur, black hair, and striking emerald eyes.

Chaotica Mischieve

"I'm the spice that's added to life." "You intrigue your enemies Tanya...Angel." "I'm not siding with the Felonians, just joing The Black Cat during her walk on the wilder side of chivalry." "I pay my debts, and I choose my friends carefully." "Without a little chaos in your life I believe you'd find it to be quite the bore. In short, I'm needed. Like it or not."

Chaotica Mischieve is an immortal Felonian entrusted with guarding and preserving (and occasionally stirring up) chaos. She's responsible for making sure life doesn't get too predictable or dull. She starts out as a villainess in "Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and not a One to Kill" but slowly sides with The Black Cat as time and battles wear on. Chaotica appears to be 25 and stands 5'6" with navy fur, fiery eyes, and wild hair that's black, blood red, and purple.

The Black Cat

"Idiocy annoys me." "You'd need more than a lifetime to learn all my secrets." "Not even I know all there is to know about me." "You wanna see a REAL cat fight?!" "I can't help it if I'm this good at being so bad." "Mutants have to stick together, no one else is going to look out for us." "I'm independent, and I hunt alone." "I'm the most feared hacker on Puckworld...and with good reason."

The Black Cat is the name given to Tanya Vanderflock when she shifts into her cat-duck mutant form as the leader of The Pride, her cat-duck mutant mob back on Puckworld. I came up with this identity for her because I felt she deserved a little more recognition than just a computer nerd or team tech. Every girl's got a few dark secrets...right? The Black Cat is cunning, stealth, crafty, a skilled warrior (with both sword and claw), mysterious, yet still Tanya (loyal, loving, compassionate, etc.). The only difference is that Tanya has a black tail, black fur around her hands and feet, claws, fangs, and her hair is either down in a catlike fashion or up in a ponytail. See? That isn't so different, lol. "The Black Cat" is the fic where this mutation is revealed to the others.

Minor Mighty Ducks Series Characters

Phil Palmfeather

"Hey babes, have I ever let ya down?" "I wish I had a million dollars for every publicity stunt those ducks missed!" "Besides, it's for charity." "Money money money...I'm losing money." "There's no money in kids underwear."

Phil is the manager of The Mighty Ducks (the hockey team) and is constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, trying to rope them into publicity stunts, public appearances, promotional schemes, anything to make himself a profit. Naturally the ducks don't cooperate often, unless he cons them into it with his famous wild card 'charity'. He's about 5'7" (maybe) and around 26 years old...I'm guessing. There's no telling what he weighs, when he's not pestering the ducks he's chowing down with Cleghorn (or annoying a girl, like Natalie).

Officer Cleghorn



Buzz Blitzman


"Take it Wildwing, you're team captain now." "We're gonna take out Dragonaus."

Leader of The Resistance, opposers of Dragonaus when he tried to concquer Puckworld, discovered the legendary mask of Drake Ducaine and used it to find Dragonaus' secret headquarters. While chasing the Saurians through a dimensional gateway a worm was released so in order to save the team Canard hurled himself into it (it needed to consume some form of matter) and left his best friend--Wildwing--in charge. He's still believed to be floating out there in dimensional limbo, waiting for a portal or something to open and bring him out. (In my fics, he comes to Earth and encounters a duck named Bren Crosshatch.) Canard's about 21 or so and stands around 6'1".

Drake Ducaine

Drake Ducaine, (legendary hero of Puckworld), was said to possess a magical mask which could see through Saurian defenses. He used it to 'kick their scaley hides clear into another dimension'! To this day, no one's really sure if he ever existed. Although Canard discovered the mask and gave it to Wildwing just before sarcrificing himself to save the team.


Prince of Anaheim in a dimension of magic. He's aided by the Mighty Ducks (except Grin) when Dragonaus sends them through a dimensional gateway. They help the young prince defeat Asteroth and reclaim his kingdom. Later, (in another episode), Borg returns the favor by telling the ducks how to destroy Asteroth's amulet once he returns to suck their Anaheim (Earth) into 'The Dark Zone'.

Saurians and Other Series Villains/Viallainesses


"One day soon, I'll pick my teeth with the wishbones of those medeling mallards." "Curse those wretched ducks!" "CURSE YOU ALL!!!"

Dragonaus is the last of the Saurian overlords. He's been imprisoned in dimensional limbo and has managed to escape with his crew (Seige, Wraith, and Chameleon) via the use of technology. Now that he's failed in conquering Puckworld he's planning on taking over the Earth (and then the universe!) while seeking revenge against The Mighty Ducks for foiling his plans. No doubt he'll fail in the end and either off himself in battle or be taken prisoner. This red dragon has a fiery attitude, flaming nostrils, and incredible power...but he's still no match for The Mighty Ducks!!!


"One day I'm gonna tie a knot in your tail you little creep." "Let's roast some duck!"

Siege (or however ya wanna spell it) is a henchmen of Dragonaus. This orange Saurian sports red armor and a clubbed tail. He's determined to flatten the ducks but naturally, he always fails miserably. While strong he lacks serious common sense when it comes to developing evil plans that will actually WORK, lol. He argues a lot with The Chameleon and Wraith and cringes in fear whenever Dragonaus yells. Typical lackey. He's about Grin's height. I really couldn't tell ya his age.

The Chameleon

"Ehh, what a little kiss-up." "We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor." "Boss! I think we'd better split!" "So I guess this would be a bad time to ask for a raise?"

Chameleon is the shapeshifting impressionist henchmen of Dragonaus that fails miserably (just like Siege and Wraith) whenever he attempts to execute an evil plan. He's underhanded, cowardly, a clutz, and basically the comedy relief (but not in a cool way like Dive, lol). Chameleon slumps over but I'm guessing he's about 4'7" or so. The green little lizard in the dark green leotard sort of reminds me of Egore (ya know, Frankenstein movies?). He even betrayed the Saurians once when he was fed up with all the abuse but the fink lied his way back into the ranks...part of why he and Seige are constantly fighting.


"And the ducks will come after us as they always do." "If we do not use the powers of our Saurian ancestors, I fear the worst." "Oh...My phone psyhic said it would be a bad day."

Wraith is the evil Saurian mystic that casts spells (pathetic yet sometimes powerful ones) in hopes to defeat the ducks. Lord Dragonaus is constantly arguing with him, insisting that technology is more powerful than dark ancestral magic. With his ghostlike features and deep droning voice Wraith hovers about the Raptor and praises Dragonaus whenever it looks as though a scheme might be foolproof. Then he adds in his pessimism when it fails or the ducks start winning. He's pretty old and about 5'7" or so, he slumps--I can't really tell how tall he is, lol.

Lucretia DeCoy

Lucretia DeCoy (claims to be Vanda McDrake) is known as the worst traitor on Puckworld because she used her beauty to obtain information and spy for Dragonaus. She's tricked into using a teleporter to send herself into dimensional limbo after Wildwing sets her up to make it look like she's betrayed Dragonaus. Tanya somehow knows Lucretia when no one else does. In my fics it's because back on Puckworld (during the Saurian conquest) Lucretia kidnapped the son of Ruby Dunshap (my fanfic character who is Tanya's best friend, lab partner, and second in command) and Tanya rescues him. Plus, Tanya's seen her around the lab where she works (DeCoy spies there often for new technology).

Doctor Droid

"Curse all living matter everywhere! We machines will have our revenge!" "It appears you're three ducks SHORT!" "You can never truly destroy---A MACHINE!"

Dr. Droid was a robotics engineer that replaced most of his body parts with machines (I love Tanya's explanations ^_^). He's basically an evil wacko that's bent on leading machines in taking over the world...weird. He's got bright orange hair and a cybernetic eye (half metal face) which is the only human body part he left himself, like I said...weird. He's been thwarted by the ducks twice in the series and in my fic "A Knight on the Town" Tanya and Duke battle him when he crashes their first date.


Asteroth, Lord of the Red Dragon, is an evil sorceror from Anaheim in a another dimension of magic. The ducks battle him there with Borg (the prince whom Asteroth has overthrown), and kick his scaley hide. Then he returns to the present Anaheim where the ducks stop him from sucking the whole planet into 'The Dark Zone'. His power to transform into a large red dragon makes the Mighty Ducks victory that much more impressive. ^_~

Baron Von Lichtenstamp

"That's it! No more Mr. Nice Baron!" "Next time I hunt them with my aircraft carrier!" Baron Von Lichtenstamp strikes an agreement with Dragonaus and has the ducks lured to his island for a little 'sporting hunt'. Only thing is, the maniac takes away their armor (leaving them only weapons) and uses his advanced hunting technology to pursue them for 'trophies'. Naturally, Wing, Duke, & Tanya beat this guy and leave him hanging on his on trophy wall. ^_^ DUCKS ROCK!


Falcone is a member of The Brotherhood of the Blade who's brought to Earth by Dragonaus to steal the world's biggest jewels to be used in a mindwipe ray. Duke cons Falcone into thinking he's gone back to a life of crime. Falcone cons Duke into helping steal the world's largest jewels and then doublecrosses him in order to become the greatest thief of all. Falcone's jealousy and greed catch up to him when Dragonaus tosses him out of his scoutship. Duke saves Falcone and Falcone goes to jail. I love happy endings. In my fics, Falcone comes after Duke for revenge and uses Tanya (Duke's girl) to lure him right where he wants him. Falcone also has help thanks to Lucretia's old partner in crime Connie Greenbill.

Venius P. Viper

Viper is a snake loving business man that aides Dragonaus in his mad quest by supplying him with state-of-the-art technology (including a supercharged Raptor that doesn't need billerium crystals for power). Naturally the Ducks put a stop to this villian's plans too.

Mallory:"I like to think of myself as--daringly different. Time to go back to The Black Cat's Lair and finish my browsing."