Jazz Billeres (one of my mutant Mighty Ducks characters) has somehow gotten the latest scoops on all the upcoming fanart and fanfiction (among other things) for The Black Cat's Lair. She'll fill ya in (soon).

"Here's a scoop I got from my totally cool pal Dutchess!" ~Jazz

"Robina has a fic in the works that's an exclusive for Agent Di's sites. Here's the scoop: Title: Time for a Change
Summery: Duke has dissapeared, which is normal. He's been gone for a few days, which isn't. So the ducks go looking for him. Only problem is each of them starts to slowly forget who Duke was the closer they get to finding where he went. With forgetting comes a lack of will to search. Will the Ducks find Duke before they've all forgotton/stopped caring? Find out!
And I hear that Tanya/Duke stuff MIGHT show up...
That's all Robina's put on a disk so far, so that's all I got." ~Dutchess

"There are few fics underworks by Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di right now! 'In Captive Wings' is about to get a few more chapters added to it and 'The Black Cat' is in store for one explosive ending! After that she's planning on a few romance fics with Duke and Tanya, all hail the Queen of Fanfic Pairings *laughs*, including one where Duke and Tanya have a son!" ~Jazz

"Okay, here's a biggie. Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di has a set number of Mighty Ducks pairings right now that you'll find in her fics and fanart. Wanna know what they are? I thought you'd NEVER ask! Tanya/Duke (naturally), Nosedive/Jazz (the absolute best one!), Grin/Premnitia, WildWing/Mallory, Canard/Bren, and Phil/Natalie!" ~Jazz

"We've got cowritten fics now! Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di has just teamed up with another Mighty Ducks fanfic writer, Robina, to write 'Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and Not a One to Kill' and they're ALREADY doing a sequel! Look for both these fics to be posted on both of their sites soon!" ~Jazz

Jazz:"Cool, I've got a page all to myself. Uh-oh, Nosedive says he's about to undo the pause on our video game. I can't let him win! I'll see ya around, I'm going back to The Black Cat's Lair to finish looking around for more scoops. Hey, when you move at super speed it's no prob!"