Duke L'Orange, the most notorious thief on Puckworld, has gathered up all the priceless fanart done by me (Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di) and other fanartists and hidden it here in his secret gallery. Please don't post this fanart anywhere else unless you get my permission first. Want permission? Just email me. ^_^ I'm prompt with my replies. Any pics on the left side of the screen can be viewed at full length by clicking on the image.

Fanart Done By Me (Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di)

A pic of Jazz Billeres, a mutant fanfic character I created as a girlfriend for none other than...you guessed it...NOSEDIVE!

Firestone is a character I created for a fic that Robina is doing as a Christmas present. She's myself as a Felonian warrior who uses her powers over fire to win battles.

Chaotica is a fanfic character created by myself and Robina in our fanfic "Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and Not a One to Kill". She's mainly a Felonian who preserves and creates chaos in life, and in our fic, she's a villainess.

This is a pic of Dutchess L'Orange, Duke's little sister, that I did for my pal Robina. I went for the sophisticated hacker look...nobody laugh! I actually like the way her face and all turned out.

A pic of Piyamari (my fanfic character), Tanya's Felonian sister and princess of Felonia. She's generous and daring and up for teasing her sister and helping her out in battle whenever she can.

This is a pic of Duke and Tanya, the classiest couple out there. Not bad for my first colored sketch eh? *aside* Well who asked you Duke?!

Felexia is a Felonian fanfic character I created, she's the 'sister' of Ruby Dunshap (Tanya's best friend on Puckworld). Felexia is Princess Piyamari's advisor and protectress and she also has an inquisitive daughter named Sabella.

Rhythm is the ultimate party animal. She's the Felonian guardian of dance and celebration. If there's a party, she's there...even if ya don't see her. She's the life of it all!

Ricochet is a Brotherhood of the Blade member that I created and paired with another of my characters Tannis from Tanya's mob The Pride. You can read about them in "Crimes of the Heart" or in "In Captive Wings" or "Hidden Agendas". Robina totally adores Ricochet. ^_~

A little pic of Tanya as The Black Cat using her charms to get Duke to help her out in the lab. Girl's got skills...and is a pretty clever temptress too. Duke doesn't stand a chance of resisting...^_~ This pic is not for ducklings (those under 15 or so).

A request from a cool Mighty Ducks message board. Done for Duchess L'Orange this is my character Jazz Billers with her character Jazzmine Flashblade!

Jazz Billeres is in a fowl--ur--foul mood in this pic. Makes ya wonder just what Nosedive did wrong this time...

Guest Art Done By Various MD Artists

Dutchess L'Orange is the sister of Duke L'Orange. She's both a hacker and a thief who comes to Earth to find her brother. Wanna know the rest? Read Robina's fanfic "Bonded By Crime" and find out! Thanks for the pic Robina. ^_~

Emily L'Orange did this cool pic for me of The Black Cat, the mutant cat-duck mob leader identity I give to Tanya Vanderflock in my fanfics. I love the eyes, the claws, the hair, the expression, it is SO Tanya. ^_^ Thanks Emily! (*cough* How could Duke resist? lol) Check out Emily's site Dark Elementals.

Duke:"Yeah, this sure is an impression collection of...stuff. But I think I'll be turning back now."