Bonded By Crime
By Robina
Chapter Two

Chameleon moaned in pain. Draguanus had not been happy to send Seige after him, and even less happy when he had to tell about why he’d been unconscious. “You let a Duck escape… don’t even know who knocked you out. What good are you?” he mocked Dragonus (albeit, silently). He hated being told he was worthless. One day, he’d prove himself to all of them. One day he’d find out who had knocked him out. One day….


Dutchess couldn’t believe what her computer was telling her. Who had Duke gotten hooked up with? It was too awesome, the size and complexity of this place. Next time she saw him, she had to get one of her bugs with “eyes” to look around for her. She wanted to know more. Not to mention she had to find out about more on. She placed the antenna up and quickly hacked her way onto something that was called “Internet”. Okay, I need something that would be normal looking…. But not recognizable. She searched around for a while, looking at pictures of what she guessed to be “humans”. Featherless ducks, more like. But if I don’t want Duke to find me yet, I need a disguise. Good thing, I brought my projector. It ain’t my best, but it’ll do. She navigated through websites, multiple pictures flashing before her. Let’s see…. Males seem to be bigger…big is good, but not to big…. That build would work. Like that. She wanted to get a closer look at the vehicles that she had seen come out of Duke’s new home. She knew what the aerowing was, but the truck-like thing was new. Man she wanted to get down there. Best way to do that is to look human and attend a game. And hope I come up with something.

One thing at a time girl. I still need to find out a hairstyle. Should get a male and female hologram. Just in case.


She set the small device on her side, activating it as she did so. The world blurred as she watched it from a human male’s chest. He might be too tall… Course, I’m on the short side. She sighed, then turned on the female version. Both were far from prefect. So scratch that idea. For now. I gotta figure out a way to give these things substance. But how? Limited supplies, limited food… I need some of this money stuff. And soon. She sighed as she lifted the board she’d been working on. Using the air power source she’d designed on Puckworld, she had created a hover board. All that was left was to test drive it. Just hope I don’t run out of power anytime soon. Here I go!


Nosedive dove behind the tree, rolling to the other side to fire at the Saurian losers. What are they up to out here any way? He kept firing, dashing out from the quickly diminishing cover. He rolled along the ground, narrowly making it behind a boulder. He briefly noticed a cave behind him before firing again.

Where are the others at? he wondered, risking a look while keeping a steady stream of fire on the area the Saurians were at. He noted that the team was almost surrounding Seige and Wraith. But where was Chameleon?

Dutchess stopped her board outside the battle zone, staying out of sight. She could see Duke across the field, and other members of the resistance scattered around. She watched a younger member of the team, Nosedive, if she remembered right. The cute one…hey, it’s that Saurian! He just appeared outta nowhere! Transporters…Ugg. She pushed the board forward, rushing towards the two. No one sees that guy… I gotta hope I make it….good thing that female hologram’s still up. Dutchess collided with Nosedive, forcing both into the cave. Chameleon jumped at the appearance of a “human”, throwing his aim off so much that the shot hit the roof of said cave. Dutchess gasped at the rocks falling down, blocking the exit. In the darkness, she shut off the board and checked on Nosedive. He’s unconscious! Dutchess shifted uncomfortably before disengaging her hologram. She pulled a small light she used for missions out. Blood dripped from the young mallards head. One of the rocks must have hit him. She took out the bandages she kept for emergencies and worked to stop the bleeding.

She liked the blond hair that he kept long, the hockey make-up he wore on his beak…how strong he looked. Why are the cute ones always on the right side of the law? She almost regretted not being able to know him better. But she couldn’t imagine giving up her hacking, even for a cute boy. Besides, what would Duke say? Of course, if Duke’s still with the team, he might’ve gone straight… Nah. Duke? The best jewel thief ever? Go straight? He’s probably stuck with them for now, till he can come home. She slipped a hand into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. This could be helpful… She slid the wallet into her own pocket.

Nosedive woke slowly to a major headache. Ochies! What hit me? He glanced around through his mostly closed eyes. Let’s see….in a cave….entrance blocked…. female duck taking care of me… really bright light… Whoa! A female duck? A gasp escaped his lips, a gasp that Dutchess heard. Instantly the light was turned off. Dive didn’t risk moving, though he could here the girl packing these up. Packing? Aw man! Where’s she going? Whose side is she on? Nosedive tried to sit up, only to be assaulted by dizziness. He felt a hand on his chest force him down while another hand protected his head from further damage.

“Careful,” she hissed at him, “You’re hurt bad enough without risking making it worse.”

“Dive! Can you hear me?” Wildwing’s voice traveled through the rocks blocking the entrance. Dutchess quickly left Dive’s side to grab her board and activate her female hologram. She hesitated as a small ray of light came through the cracks. Carefully, she pressed her beak against Dive’s cheek.

“Bye handsome.” The entrance cleared and she kicked her board into gear. She zipped by the ducks, narrowly avoiding being grabbed by Duke. Sorry Bro. I’m not ready to meet up with you again just yet. I want to see you alone, on my terms.

The Ducks watched the female disappear before Wildwing went to check on his brother. The others turned away from the strange female to watch Wing help Dive out.

“Da….I want to check you out when we get back to the pond, Nosedive.” Tanya spoke, eyeing the bandage around the young duck’s head. Wildwing nodded in agreement.

“Who was the girl duck? Why didn’t you guys grab her?” Dive asked, ignoring his headache. What if she had done something to him? The strange look on his teammates faces told him that something was wrong.

“Dive, there wasn’t a female duck. A human took off on some board as soon as we opened the cave, but not a duck.”

Dive blinked at his brother then shrugged. “I saw a duck in the cave.”

Duke stayed back as his teammates walked back to the Migrator. He stepped inside the cave, scanning the ground quickly. A glint of light caught his eye. He bent down and lifted a small flashlight. It was black, small…and familiar when combined with the human’s board. Dutchess? On Earth? Please let me be wrong…

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