Bonded By Crime

By Robina

Chapter Three

Dutchess flew past the trees, groaning to herself when the board trembled under feet. Within seconds she was flying minus the board, then tumbling across the ground, scrapes and cuts covering her. She let out a few choice words. Great… I’m gonna be sore. Ow. Gave Nosedive back there the last of my bandages… She stood up carefully, wincing. Sighing, she pulled out the wallet she had swiped from Nosedive. Hope he had money. She opened it, ignoring the pictures of his teammates. She opened to where money was usually kept. They must pay hockey players well! The money equaled a lot, more than most people would carry on their person.

The Internet had taught her about money for the country she was in, America, as well as a lot about the society. Anyone who could access the Internet could easily learn anything they wanted to know. If they could hack through the blocks. She couldn’t wait to stop exploring and start having fun. At least I can eat now. As soon as I find a store that sells food. Her stomach growled, agreeing that food would be good. She sighed. Don’t have a lot of power left. If I could tap into a power source I’d be fine. But where do I get the power from? The board’s already out…. She walked towards town, activating the hologram only when she needed to.


Nosedive skated on the ice, letting his mind drift. He knew he’d seen a female duck. She’d even kissed his cheek, albeit in the dark. So why did everyone else see a human? It didn’t make sense. Nope, no sense.

Wildwing watched his brother, wondering what had Dive so uncharacteristically quiet. It worried him a lot. Perhaps the cave incident? Whatever it was, Wing wanted his brother out of the mood, now.

“Hey Dive!”

Dive glanced at his brother, snapping out of his thoughts. “What’s up?”

“Want to go to Captain Comics?”

Dive raised an eyebrow. Wing didn’t usually want to go comic shopping. But, if the guy was willing…A grin broke across his face. “Sure!”


Dive approached the counter with his usual comics. He set them on the counter and reached for his wallet, surprised that it wasn’t on him. “Hey Wing? Think I left my wallet at the pond. Spot me?”

Wing raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t like Dive to forget his wallet, especially if he was going to the comic store. “Sure thing Dive.”


Nosedive sighed as he cleaned his room. He couldn’t find his wallet anywhere, so this was a last resort type thing. The knock at his door was a relief.

“Come in.”

“Whoa, Nosedive cleans his room. Call the presses.” Duke commented as he walk in.

“Can’t find my wallet and I owe Wing some money. Thought it might be in here.


“You lost your wallet? When’s the last time you saw it?”

“Um…earlier today. I’d been about to head to Captain Comics when those Saurian losers attacked. When I got to Captain Comics later I realized I didn’t have it.”

Duke thought for a moment, dreading what this could mean. “I, uh, came to ask you about that female duck you said you saw. What did she look like?”

“Gray feathers, black hair pulled back into a braid, blue eyes… and a jumpsuit like yours. Why?”

“Maybe she took your wallet.”


Drake One choose that moment to alert the ducks to Saurian activities. Dive groaned as he and Duke raced for the Migrator.

“Twice in one day? Oh man…”


Dutchess jumped on to the back of the wheeled vehicle. Now that she had some food in her stomach it was time to have a little fun.

And kick some Saurian butt.

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