Bonded By Crime

By Robina

Chapter Four

Dutchess jumped off as the Migrator pulled to a stop. She ran behind a building before the ducks came out into battle. They’re fast. They were already locked in combat with the Saurians. Puck Launchers and lasers. Ew. I hate guns…. Hey! What are those Saurians protecting? They don’t want anyone behind them…. Looks like some kind of machine…

She slipped around the three Saurians, careful to not be seen. A large, circular device was just out of sight of the other ducks. Saurian technology. She swung her backpack off her shoulder and pulled out her laptop and connecting wires.

“Let’s see what you’re supposed to do, ‘kay?” she whispered as her laptop activated. As soon as it was on, she connected it to the device. Her fingers flew across the board, the tap-tap sound practically nonexistent thanks to years of practice. It’s supposed to allow someone to control people’s thoughts with their own. How childish. No guards against viruses… Guess most the stuff that doesn’t work blows up. Well, if they’re going to make it so easy right now….

A virus she had finished not long before leaving Puckworld would be perfect. She pulled out the disc it was housed on and inserted it to her computer. jumparound.exe was designed to infect the system it was downloaded into, plus “jump” along any signals that the device was receiving to infect the sender. Hopefully the Raptor. It should be here, and Draguanus if I don’t miss my guess, since Duke and the others are here.

“Seige! Is everything ready?”

Dutchess jumped involuntary at the voice. Fear was sharp and intense, threatening to make her freeze. SNAP OUTTA IT! she thought. He wasn’t here, this wasn’t Puckworld, and Falcone… he wasn’t around either. She took a few deep breaths before ordering her computer to download the virus. Sweet revenge, Draguanus. Told you I’d get it.

“Yes Lord Draguanus. The ducks won’t stop us this time. They haven’t been near the Brain Controller.”

“Good. Teleport back in a few minutes.”

Yes Lord Draguanus.” Seige turned his attention back to Chameleon and Wraith. “You heard the boss.”

The computer screen flashed. Dutchess grinned. Perfect timing. Enjoy your surprise Draguanus.


In the Raptor, Draguanus went to activate his latest plan. The ducks couldn’t stop him if the entire planet was under his control. He would finally defeat them. He grinned as he pushed the activation button.

“SEIGE! WRAITH! CHAMELEON! Return to the Raptor at once,” He ordered.

“On our way boss.”


Nosedive sighed as the Saurians teleported to the Raptor.

“Man, is it just me, or do they do that a lot?”

The ducks nodded in agreement as the headed to find out what the recently departed villains had been up to.

“Duh, it looks like a transmitter of some sort.” Tanya stated as she looked over the device that Dutchess had abandoned just after the Saurians had vanished. Wildwing sighed.

“What was it supposed to transmit?”

“I dunno. It’s been completely erased by a virus or somethin’.”

“A virus?” Duke asked. Guess there’s no denyin’ it now. Dutchess is on earth. How’d she manage it? Why’d I ever believe she wouldn’t? Now, where is she?

“Yeah. Either that or Draguanus wanted to make a device that did nothing.”

Wildwing asked a question, but Duke’s mind was already looking for signs of his sister. Nothing. Trained her to well. But I know her too. He slipped away from his teammates and over to the Migrator. Still no sign of her.

“Dutchess L’Orange, you come out now or so help me I’ll…”

“Easy bro.” Dutchess dropped off the top of the Migrator. Duke glanced her over. “What? No words of welcome for your beloved little sister?”

“Beloved little sister? Is this the same sister whose been around for weeks now and never even bothered to let me know?”

“Had to. Wanted to explore a little and get to know what you all had been doing. After all, I’m the first with any new news about the great rebellion task force. Half of Puckworld thinks you’re all dead, the other half thinks you’re alive, thanks to evidence from yours truly.”

“Uh-huh. Sure Sis. What ever you say.” He watched her a moment before pulling her close in a hug. “Thought I’d never see you again.”

“Thought the same Bro.”

“Bro? Duke, you been holding out on us.” Nosedive commented as he and the rest of the Mighty Ducks approached. Duke grinned at the younger duck and presented his sister to the team.

“Guys, meet Dutchess L’Orange. My little sister.”

“Hi.” Dutchess added, feeling a bit self-conscious. The last time she had been presented to a group had been when Duke had revealed her to the Brotherhood of the Blade. The ducks eyed her a moment before Wildwing spoke up.

“You’ll vouch for her Duke?”

“Course I will.” Duke couldn’t get mad for the teams reluctance to accept Dutchess. After the Lucretia DeCoy incident, why would they trust her. I only trust her to not hurt anyone or team up with Draguanus. What am I gonna do if Mal discovers her past? If Dutchess doesn’t want to give up her past? He decided to worry about that when he had to, and not until. “Did you infect Draguanus’ device with that virus?” Tanya asked. “Oh, it wasn’t anything special. I just used something basic to delete the commands Draguanus had given it. Anyone could have done it.” The lie came from Dutchess smoothly and flawlessly. Duke thought again that he may have trained her too well. Luckily, Tanya wasn’t going to press the matter.” “Let’s get back to the pond. I think Phil had a publicity stunt planned for us.” Wing said, holding back a sigh. He had a feeling that Dutchess was going to cause a few problems before everything settled.

Dive grinned. Dutchess looked familiar… she had to be the duck from the cave. And she’d be coming to the pond. “So Dutchess, how’d you get to Earth?” he asked as he led her into the Migrator.

“An old friend on Puckworld is a scientist. I had him…”

The other ducks followed them.

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