Bonded By Crime
By Robina
Chapter Eight

Duke and Tanya pulled to a stop in time to see Dutchess leap. Duke reacted instantly, activating his own saber as he raced to help his sister. Tanya pulled out a puckblaster and began firing.

Dutchess landed near Duke. “What are you doing here?” she asked, slicing through another Drone.

“Eh, it’s my job to protect ya Dee. You know that.”

The familiar nickname brought a lump to Dutchess’ throat. She had to duck to avoid a swipe a Drone was making. Head in the game L’Orange. she thought while watching Duke cut said Drone in half. A puck knocked over the Drone trying to sneak up on the siblings.

“What’s Draggy do? Make these by the dozen?” Dutchess asked, getting back into the fight.

“’Fraid so.” Duke replied.

The ground started to shake as the Raptor lifted into the air.


“Hurry up Seige. Before more of those accursed ducks show up. That lone duck must have been a trap for you blundering idiots to fall into!” Draguanus roared at his henchmen as he threw fireballs at them. Chameleon ducked behind a piece of machinery, followed by Wraith. Seige navigated the Raptor, cowering slightly as he directed the ship to another place to hide.


The three ducks finished off the last of the Drones as the Raptor disappeared from view.

That was fun.” Dutchess said dryly, looking at the destroyed Drones cluttered around them. Duke glanced over at her.

“Good practice.” He commented as Tanya walked up. Dutchess’ expression shifted slightly and she turned to leave. Duke grabbed her arm. “No you don’t Dee. Let me explain. See-”

“Explain what Duke? That you cared so much about me telling your new team about my past just so you could tell her? That you’ve not only betrayed my way of life, but you turned around and betrayed me?”

Duke winced. ‘How do I get myself into these things?’ “Harsh Dutchess.” “True Duke. Why’d you tell her?” Duke glanced at Tanya, his mind drifting back to the almost kiss. Tanya looked away, politely ignoring the siblings. She’s so beautiful…. Dutchess watched her brother’s expression soften in a way it never had in their lives. “So that’s why, eh Duke? You like her.” Dutchess’ voice was soft, traveling no farther than her brother’s ear. Duke blushed, then glared at his sister. “Yeah, I like her. Guess I’m just realizing how much. Is that a problem?” Too much. You love her. A deeper pain than she’d ever felt filled Dutchess’ chest as she ignored the question. “Just leave me alone Duke. I came here to get the leader of the Brotherhood back. Guess he’s not here.” “Dutchess L’Orange!” Duke hissed at her. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just as good now as I was then.” “No you’re not. You’re don’t even seem like my brother. You…” she turned her back to Duke, fighting back tears. I hate crying! “You’re too different here Duke. I haven’t done anything you can arrest me for, and if I have, you can’t prove it. Leave me alone.” She headed for a fire escape, determined to get as far from her brother as she could. Why did I ever decide to come to this stupid planet? I was better off on Puckworld. Duke sighed as he watched his sister leave. He wasn’t as good at hiding his emotions as he used to be he realized, feeling his good eye tear up. With a heavy-hearted sigh, he bowed his head in defeat. I blew it. Tanya walked up to Duke, gently touching his shoulder. He jumped at her touch before turning to face her. Tears were soaking his feathers. “I’m sorry Duke.” She whispered, hugging him tightly. His arms wrapped around her, holding on to her as his tears soaked her jumpsuit. Tanya felt her own heart ache for this duck, so badly hurt by his own sister.

He doesn’t deserve this…. ----****---- Dutchess jumped a few roofs before repelling to the ground. She took off as fast as her legs would take her, not caring where she went.

She just had to get away.

She didn’t even notice when someone started following her. The same someone that had left the Pond after Duke and Tanya.

Chapter Nine coming soon

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