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A/N: This little fanfic’s dedicated to my good pal Robina (another Mighty Ducks fan and fanfic writer). She told me her favorite character (that I made up) is Ricochet from Duke’s mob The Brotherhood of the Blade. So I’m writing this little fic just for her cuz my pal’s into romance too and I just knew she’d love finding out how Ricochet and Tannis (from Tanya’s gang The Pride) fell in love. That don’t necessarily mean this’ll be all mushy or anything. ^_~

Crimes of the Heart

Part One: When Thieves Cross Paths

Written By: Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di

Tannis Webrock stood at the sink in her kitchen washing dishes. Emery was living with her husband now, some guy she’d known since grade school. He hadn’t minded finding out about her mutation. Which was a shocker in itself, but the biggest surprise of all was when he proposed. Sure, being a groupie meant that he spent a lot of time with traveling with her rock band but who knew that the reason behind it all was a childhood crush that just wouldn’t die? Fairytale ending? Maybe. But in Tannis’s mind, there were no happy endings, nothing ever ended.

The thoughts kept presenting themselves to her as she picked another plate out of the soapy water and started scrubbing. No need to use her washing machine, there wasn’t enough for a full load yet and she hated being wasteful. Smiling she remembered how Emery used to scold her for being such a conservative neat freak. Then it hit her, she was lonely.

Moaning at the sad realization she sit the plate in the dish drainer, “Great, that’s all I need. Self pity.”

Just then the shrill sound of sirens rang out from the window over the sink. Looking up Tannis noticed the flashing blue and red lights reflecting off the adjacent buildings. They’re coming this way. a nearly forgotten instinct cried.

“No.” Tannis stated shaking her head. “I’m cured now. Found myself a career and helped my friend out when she needed me. I’ve more than made up for my past crimes. I refuse to let curiosity get the better of me.”

Despite her efforts to convince herself she wasn’t interested in tailing this cops to find out where the action was she found herself walking into her bedroom and digging through her belongings until she came to the back of her closet. With a deep remorseful breath she pressed against the top left corner of her closet’s back wall. It slid open to reveal a black leotard, utility belt, and mask. Jerking them out of their hidden space she noticed her sword. It shimmered in the pale lighting of her room. Long and sharpened with a black and silver handle. Reaching forth with a slightly trembling hand she took hold of it.

“Oh my gosh,” she exhaled, “I’m really going through with this.”

Stepping out onto the ledge just outside her apartment’s largest window she shifted into a form that she had restrained herself from taking for over a year now. Her cat-duck mutant form. With her sensitive hearing she could detect which direction the squad cars had taken. Following them using great stealth she leapt over rooftops, stole through shadowed alleys, and finally caught up to them in mid pursuit.

With remarkable night vision Tannis spied the vehicle the cops were chasing. Solid black with a chrome lining. Now where had she seen that vehicle before?

Being half cat her curiosity continued to get the better of her causing her to follow the strange vehicle as it took sharp turns down side streets in an effort to lose the four squad cars tailing it.

Using her grappling hook she swung down to the roof of the vehicle, unlatched the back, and swung in. Thankfully the only occupants were up front. She couldn’t get a clear look at the passenger but the driver’s face was illuminated by the streetlights as the vehicle sped past. Not bad. she thought with a grin pressing herself up against the back of the seats so that she wouldn’t be spotted.

It was then that she noticed the pin the driver wore just below his right shoulder, a black and red shield with crisscrossing swords. Eyes widening Tannis cursed herself for being so careless, The Brotherhood of the Blade!

“Ya just had to trip up the alarm didn’t ya Hardiron?” the driver demanded checking the side view mirror to see the cops gaining on them.

The passenger, Hardiron, seemed to be concentrating on their location while he replied, “I don’t see why we even bother with heists anymore. It’s just not the same without Duke here. Turn here!”

With a quick turn of the wheel the vehicle was sent flying around a curb causing Tannis to dig into the backseat for support. If she fell and caught their attention it could mean an all out war between The Brotherhood and The Pride. Something even Amore couldn’t put a stop to.

The chase continued until a sudden flaw was in their path, “NO!” the driver spat, “A dead end, HARDIRON!”

The passenger shrugged, “It was clear before the Saurians hit, this part of the street must’ve been left a wreck. How was I supposed to know Ricochet?”

Growling between clenched teeth Ricochet through the vehicle in reverse, “We’ll just have to play a little chicken!”

The squad cars continued advancing as Ricochet drove straight for them.

“What’s that nut doin’?” one of the cops shouted to his partner.

“He’s gonna ram us!”

Swerving the law enforcement vehicles barely avoided colliding with the getaway car. Tannis was surprisingly comfortable despite all the ruckus, This is nothin’ compared to Emery’s driving.

“See,” Hardiron commented shortly after they’d lost the cops, “that wasn’t so bad.”

Ricochet glared at him, “Next time I’m headin’ out with Brink.”

“Slapshot?” Hardiron laughed, “No way, he’d rather pass the night with that wife of his. Amore isn’t it?”

Tannis was listening intently, it seemed that only Brink knew of Amore’s mutation. The other two never brought it up.

“Oh great,” Ricochet murmured suddenly.

“What now?” Hardiron inquired.

“We blew a tire. And we’re practically riding on the rims.”

“So, at least the cops aren’t tailing us.”

“SO!” Ricochet snapped pointing to the gas gage, “This ride’s fallin’ apart. We’re not gonna make it back into the city in this hunk of junk!”

What?! Tannis cringed, how’d she get herself into this? They’d spot her for sure now.

“Don’t sweat it,” Hardiron waved his hand for affect, “we’ll just use the cycles in the back to get back to the hideout and come back for this thing.”

Tannis’s muscles tensed as the vehicle pulled over, Trapped.

She waited for both doors to slam shut before flipping over into the front. Forgetting that her dagger had fallen out during the chase.

Hardiron swung open the back doors, “I don’t remember leaving these things unlocked,” he muttered.

“That’s not the only mistake you’ve made tonight.” Ricochet reminded him as Hardiron pulled out the ramp and unloaded the first cycle.

“Ease off already,” Hardiron grumbled, “you’ve been uptight ever since Duke left. I know you two were like best friends or something but you’ve gotta face facts. He’s gone, and if he is coming back it’ll probably be a while. So relax. Don’t beat yourself up just cuz ya didn’t go with him. He left you charge man, don’t forget why.”

Sighing Ricochet climbed into the back and started pushing the second cycle down the ramp, “You’re right. I guess I have been pushing everyone a little too hard. Especially the rookies. It’s just, I could never replace Duke. And I don’t want him coming back to an incompetent mob.”

Something caught his eye then, bending down he saw Tannis’s dagger and picked it up. The marking on the tip looked familiar. Now where had he seen it before? Thinking back he was interrupted by Hardiron’s shout.

“Hey, where’d ya find that?” the duck finished pulling down the second cycle, “Looks like Amore’s dagger.”

“Yeah,” the realization hit him, “but she hasn’t been in this vehicle.”

“She must’ve loaned it to Brink.” Hardiron shrugged, “You know how he’s always misplacing stuff.”

“Maybe…” Ricochet considered this a moment but decided it couldn’t belong to her, the markings were similar but not identical. That meant that someone else was nearby. He aimed to find out who.

Just then a door opened and shut from the front. Leaping out of the vehicle with his sword drawn Ricochet dashed around to the front. A shadowy figure darted behind a snow bank just as he reached the hood of the vehicle. “HEY YOU! STOP!”

No chance buddy. Tannis thought as she continued to race away from the road. Maybe she could outrun this guy. She was part cat after all.

Not one to give up easily Ricochet ran back around the vehicle and mounted his cycle. Eyeing Hardiron he shouted, “Come on, if we hurry we can catch em!”

Tannis soon heard the sounds of engines revving as the soon starting picking up. Oh shit! she panted running at full speed. So much for out runnin’ em!

Soaring over another snow bank Ricochet’s cycle drew closer to the fleeing mutant. I’ve got ya now spy.

Her heart pounding Tannis could feel her legs ready to give out, but she had to keep running, no one from The Pride had ever been captured, she was determined not to be the first.

Leaning forward Ricochet got in position to spring onto the mysterious hitchhiker. Arms extended he leapt onto her and the two were sent rolling down the hill coming to a stop at the base of a frozen river.

“Well, that’s one way to do it.” Hardiron remarked taking his bike to retrieve the other cycle. Ricochet could handle himself. Provided he hadn’t broken anything in the fall.

Groaning Tannis turned on her stomach and tried to sit up. Lifting her head she came beak to blade with Ricochet’s sword. “Alright you, state your name and what you were doing in our vehicle.”

Glaring up the stranger Tannis flashed her fangs, “Maybe I was planning to spoil your little heist. It is fun ruining a rival’s plans you know?”

This only served to further enrage the duck, “I should slit your throat right now!”

“Go ahead and try.” Tannis sprang backwards to her feet. A move that seemed impossible, yet, there she was…upright and ready for battle.

A bit taken aback by the sudden move Ricochet backed away, “I take it you’re no normal gang member.”

“What was your first clue?” Tannis shot back sarcastically unleashing her claws.

“I believe this is yours.” Ricochet produced the dagger he’d found with his free hand.

Crap! Tannis knew she had to get it back. The Pride never left their weapons lying around. She’d grown careless with a lack of practice.

Snatching her blade out of it’s holster she swung out at the duck. Missing on purpose but hopefully proving her skill. Each swipe would’ve perfectly carved the mallard if she had only allowed it to fall a little closer.

“Hand over my dagger or I swear the next time I strike I’ll draw your blood!” Tannis informed him.

“I think not,” Ricochet countered, striking forth in an equal show of skill. “Now, why did you decide to hitch a ride in our vehicle? And don’t hand me the spoiling our caper excuse, you would’ve attacked us during the chase had that been your plan.”

Sneering Tannis backed off a ways, “It’s been a while since I’ve been in the middle of something. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t lost my touch. I thought you were leading me to action, not a towing company.”

“Well we’re not exactly a cab service.” Ricochet studied the strange looking female, she seemed to be telling the truth. Those brown eyes wouldn’t lie.

Shaking his head he lowered his sword for a moment. Big mistake.

With a lightening quick move Tannis shoved her blade into his upper arm causing him to drop his sword. Kneeing him in the ribs with her left knee she sent Ricochet stumbling over into the snow.

“Some warrior.” she remarked kicking his sword away and bending down to pry her dagger from his other hand. “I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long without being caught. The Brotherhood must’ve really lowered it’s standards. They’re lettin’ anybody in.”

“Ya can insult me doll,” Ricochet pushed himself up of the freezing ground, “and ya can insult my skills,” releasing his grapplers he securely bound the cat-duck, “but don’t ya EVER insult The Brotherhood!”

Tannis struggled against the cords, if her claws could only reach the wire she’d be home free…

“My aren’t we touchy?” she mocked to distract him.

“Don’t even think about it.” Ricochet spotted her claws working the wire and proceeded to use a second wire to bind them tightly together. Slinging her over his shoulder he trudged through the snow to find Hardiron waiting at the road with his cycle. He seemed only slightly surprised to see Ricochet approaching with another duck. She was a duck, right? Mostly anyways.

“Just we’re do you think you’re taking me pal?!” Tannis demanded.

“You said you came lookin’ for action didn’t ya?” Ricochet chuckled, “Well congratulations kitten, you’ve found some.”

Tannis stopped wriggling as Ricochet threw her across the cycle before getting on, Hockey sticks! Amore’s gonna have to tell Ruby about this. And then…I’m dead.


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