Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and Not a One to Kill
By Robina and Agent Di
Chapter 1

Dutchess sighed as she sat down near the vault that Wildwing used to store the things they’d picked up. Granted, it was up at Drake One and she was down with the couches, but it was the best she could do. That safe of Wing’s included the device that she had stolen from the Raptor. How unfair was that? That guy was an annoying pain.

“Hey girlfriend! What ‘cha so glum about?” Nosedive’s arms encircled her from behind.

“Hmm… nothing now. How’d you get all the coolness in your family?” Dutchess asked, leaning back against his chest. Dive grinned.

“Nothin’ but luck ” Dive titled her chin towards him, kissing her gently. Dutchess forgot about the safe, her mind turning to more pleasurable thoughts.

----****----- Phil stepped off the elevator, looking around for the team captain. Time to cash in on that publicity stunt… This is gonna be perfect. More moola in my pocket! His eyes gleamed as he saw the duck in question walk towards Drake One. Action time.

“Wildwing! Babe, booboola! How you feeling?” Phil asked as he approached the duck.

“What do you want Phil?” Wildwing crossed his arms over his chest, prepared to deny whatever it was Phil wanted to ask for.

“Chill Wing. I just wanted to inform you that you promised a publicity stunt for missing that photo shoot for that hunting magazine.” Phil laid a hand on the young duck’s shoulder. “It just so happens that there is a week-long convention in San Diego that I have been asked to allow just three of you guys to attend. Three, Wing-baby! That leaves someone back to guard Anaheim from that Draguanus, and still fulfill a promise to your loveable manager.” Phil ended his sentence with a begging look, hoping and praying that Wildwing wouldn’t let him down.

The duck didn’t (for once). Phil almost jumped for joy when Wing sighed in a defeated manner. “Alright Phil. I’ll get the team together. Only three of us are going.”

“Sure Wildwing. Three’s all I need.”


Duke slipped into Tanya’s lab, having over heard the conversation between Wildwing and Phil. He had no intention of being dragged on this stunt, and if he could keep Tanya from going, they just might be able to figure out their relationship. Away from prying teammates….

“Hey Scrap.” He murmured into her ear. Tanya jumped at the sound of his voice, turning to face him only to find herself kissed. Once satisfied that she wasn’t up to protesting Duke broke the kiss. “Wanna go for a ride?”

Tanya nodded weakly and allowed Duke to lead her out, neither noticing Dutchess watch them leave.


Wildwing assembled the team, not too happy to realize that Duke and Tanya were missing. That’s three down. Dutchess hates stunts…. “Okay guys, here’s the deal. Phil needs three of us to go to San Diego with him for a convention. I’m one of the three. Any volunteers, or do I have to pick?”

Grin, Nosedive, and Mallory glanced at each other. It was common knowledge that Dutchess refused to be in any publicity gig Phil found, and with Duke and Tanya gone… only one of them could remain behind.

“I shall go.” Grin said with a heavy sigh. Perhaps the trip will be lacking in the negative karma my teammates have been feeling towards Duke.

Wildwing nodded before turning his attention to Mallory and his brother. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out who he wanted to go with him. After all, who really wanted to hear a week’s worth of “I miss Dutchess” speeches? But it was their choice. Except for when they just eyed each other, seeing who would give in first. With another sigh, Wing made his call. “Come on Mallory. You’re with us.”

“Dang it!”

“ALRIGHT!" Nosedive leapt for joy, "No topping shoots or coat and tie sports dinners!"

----****---- Mallory sighed as she boarded the Areowing behind Phil and Grin. Wildwing gave a few last minute instructions to his baby brother before following the others. Within moments, they were gone.

Dive turned to his girl. “So thief,” he said teaseingly. “what should we do until your brother gets back?”


Dutchess awoke before the others. With Wildwing gone, I can get that device. It was mine to begin with. She slipped out of bed and crept into the main room. Good thing Duke’s gotten used to having more sleep than I am. I can get the device, take it some where and find out what it does.

She carefully hacked her way into the vault, a fairly easy task for a hacker. The vault rose, allowing her to grab the Saurian device that she wanted. Her eyes traveled over the rest of the contents greedily, but she couldn’t betray Dive that much. Sometimes he’s more trouble than he’s worth… she thought regretfully as she closed the vault. Determined to forget the other items, she headed for a duck cycle.


Out in an open field, Dutchess toiled away on the device. She was making progress. She thought. Of course, her brother and Dive would be up soon, meaning that she would be found out soon. Please let me be making progress.

Click. Whirl.

That’s not good…..

Dutchess leapt behind a tree as the device exploded. After a few quick breaths, she peeked around the tree only to see….

The entire Mighty Ducks team!

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