Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and Not a One to Kill
By Agent Di and Robina
Chapter Two

Dutchess gasped at the sight of her teammates. Then again, they weren’t all her teammates. Three of them, one of whom looked like a duck/cat, didn’t ring any bells in her mind. She slipped her saber off her hip and into her hand, holding it pointed to the ground, but prepared to strike if need be. Thus ready, she stepped forward into the ducks’ view.

"What in the-“ She started, but stopped before she said something she’d regret. “I thought Wing, Mal and Grin were in Miami with Phil? And who are they?"

The duck/cat answered, sounding like a nasal-problem free Tanya. "Ah perfect, we've just experienced a interdimensional shift."

"Can you say that in English?" Nosedive requested.

"WE'VE BEEN PULLED INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION! DUH!!" The cat/duck yelled. Dutchess brought her saber forward some as she backed away. Shoulda stayed hidden….

"Oookkkay..." She spoke aloud to herself. "So that's what Draggy wanted to happen?” Tanya (also the cat/duck) dropped the teleportation tracking device that she'd been working on and stared ahead, wide-eyed, at the young duck that was peering at them from the shadows. The young duck who bore a striking resemblance to her husband. "Duke..." she whispered, "you never told me ya had a sister."

"Didn't know I did sweetheart." Duke replied, watching the female carefully. Wonder how good she is?

Dutchess eyed the new team. "Okay, what is going on here? I've heard of other dimensions, but not ones with my... teammates." The word still was awkward for her. Dive and Duke are the only ones that feel like they are teammates…

Jazz scratched the back of her neck and looked at the young duck dumbfoundedly, "Hey how should we know? Aren't you the one who brought us here?"

"And exactly who are you anyway?" Wing added.

Dutchess eyed the unfamiliar duck, then swept her gaze over the others. "Hey, I was just trying to get the thing to work. Draggy didn't want us to have it for some reason. I got curious." And Duke's gonna kill me. Stealing the machine... But I couldn't resist. "And the name's Dutchess L'Orange. Who are they?" She motioned to the two teenaged ducks, guessing from the way Duke and the cat mutation were acting that if she wasn't Tanya, she was the dimension’s replacement. Replacement. That sounds real good. So it takes two teenagers to replace me?

"The name's Jazz Billeres." the blonde duck answered placing a ringed hand on Nosedive's shoulder, "I guess we mutants never made it to Earth in this dimension. Wonder if we even exist?"

Prem's eyes flared their icy blue, which meant she was searching the mind and spirit of the new duck before her, "She's on the level. And has a good heart. Sorry," she apologized to Dutchess. "I usually don't read minds and stuff without permission first. But in some cases, rules must be bent and broken...I sense you understand."

Jazz rolled her eyes and motioned to Prem with her thumb, "This mystic's name is Premnitia Quackcast, she's fluent in gibberish."

"Yeah, you could say that." Dutchess said to Premintia. Jazz unsettled her, that ringed finger, her hand on Dive's shoulder...He's not your Dive, at least. "Sounds like Grin."

"Exactly," Jazz laughed as both Grin and Prem blushed uncontrollably. They'd only been dating for a few months now. It was so hard to get either of those two to make a move. She and the others didn't understand what their conversations were about half the time. "So Dutchess," Jazz turned to new duck, "how'd you get to this planet? I mean, if it's Earth, shouldn't the Resistance be the only ducks here?"

"They were. I stole some Saurian technology and a dimensional transporters plans were included in my haul. It only took a few years to get the thing to work. Unfortunately, I only had the power for a one way trip." Dutchess replied. Her saber was still in her hand. She wasn't ready to trust this bunch completely. Information could be freely given, and it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that she wasn’t completely alone.

"Hey easy with that saber there kid," Duke held up his hand and stepped in front of Tanya. "If ya really are my sister...more or less...then ya know you can trust me. So trust me here, we're the good guys," Mallory coughed loudly behind him, "...and girls."

Dutchess looked this new Duke over. If he was lying, he was better than her brother. None of the usual signs. I’ll probably end up regretting this…. She sighed softly as she deactivated the blade and attached it to her belt again. "Alright. Guess we should get to the Pond. You guys came at the right time. Phil's cross country for the time being."

"ALRIGHT!" Nosedive leapt for joy, "No topping shoots or coat and tie sports dinners!"

Dutchess grinned, a slight laugh escaping. "That's what our Dive said." Maybe this wouldn’t be a complete disaster. As long as I ignore another girl draping herself all over Dive…

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