Ducks, Ducks Everywhere and Not a One to Kill
By Robina and Agent Di
Chapter Three

"Wait a minute..." Wildwing interrupted, "if we're part of this dimension too, then where are we? Uh...the other us."

"Duke, Tanya and Dive are at the Pond, probably just realizing I’m not there. I left before they got up. Phil carted the others, Wing, Mal and Grin, to Miami."

Mallory sighed heavily and crossed her arms, "Figures I'd be the one to get drug off on some lame publicity tour of Phils."

"Phil knows better than to try with me, and Tanya and my brother were...out at the time." Dutchess' voice went a bit harsh at the last part. Tanya had been on a date with Duke, and neither had their comms at the time. It didn't sit well in her stomach. Of course, none of the dates her brother went on made her feel good. Tanya stepped out from behind Duke, she HATED it when he went all overprotective on her just because she happened to be carrying his baby. It was only four months into her pregnancy (and she was just barely showing) yet he was already going all berserk on keeping her safe. "Dutchess, if you were able to transport yourself to this dimension from Puckworld then there's probably a pretty good chance that you could send us back to our Earth right?"

"Doubtful at the moment. Not long after I got here Wraith destroyed my backpack with all my files in it, and the device that brought you here is what you see on the ground."

Tanya examined the device carefully, "Yeah, there's some pretty extensive damage. It'd take a while to reconstruct." Sighing she got up and brushed herself off, "Looks like we'll just have to head to the Pond and think of some other way to get back to our universe."

Dutchess grimaced as she collected what remained. It was bad enough that Duke was gonna be upset, but to bring this whole party? Oy vey.... "I could call for a ride. I just have one duck cycle." She offered weakly. Borrowed without permission, but I have it.

Wing considered this, trusting a stranger wasn't exactly the best decision for a team leader to make, but then, if she really WAS Duke's sister then she was hopefully trustworthy enough. "Okay, but let's hurry. There's no telling what havoc Draguanus is wreaking in our absence!"

Jazz slapped Prem lightly on the back, "Don't worry, ol' psychic here'll be able to hone in on any trouble he causes."

"Defiantly Wildwing." Dutchess muttered, pulling out her comm. Her brother answered.

"I predict and foresee certain things, mostly disasters." Prem explained.

Duke watched as image of himself appeared on his 'sister's' comm.

"Dutchess? Where are you?"

Dutchess winced and looked at Prem. "Foresee this?"

"Dutchess L'Orange, what is going on?"

Tanya laughed, "Yep, that sounds like you alright!"

"Just bring the migrator." Dutchess shut off the comm, ignoring it when her brother tried to call back. Mallory laughed, "Bout time he ran into a girl that didn't gush all over him."

"HEY!" Prem and Jazz rang out, reminding Mallory that they weren't his biggest fans either.

"I'm his sister. I'm supposed to annoy him." Dutchess said with a shrug. Being yelled and arguing back were routine behavior for her and her brother. It’s how they should they cared.

"Right on." Jazz answered, "I've got an older brother too. Thinks I owe him an explanation for BREATHING!"

Dutchess grinned at Jazz. "Tell me about it." Her comm beeped again and she continued to ignore it. "If he wants to yell he can do it in person."

"Right," Mallory grinned, "let's move."

Dutchess led them to the road and moved the duck cycle out of the hiding spot she’d left it in. "Knowing Duke, he'll break speed limit laws if Dive and Tanya don't stop him. I give him ten minutes to show up, tops."

"Great," Mallory slapped her head, "looks like we all have pretty much the same pasts in this dimension too."

Duke rolled his eye, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Dutchess shrugged, glancing at the new Duke. "I hope not everything's the same." Her mind drifted to the few memories she had of before Duke joined the Brotherhood. She didn’t remember much, and neither of them talked about it, but what she knew she wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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