Ducks, Ducks Everywhere, and Not a One to Kill
By Robina and Agent Di
Chapter Four

Tanya hid her tail behind her legs, from the way Dutchess had stared at her earlier it was doubtful that she was a mutant in this dimension.

"Besides, it can't be the same. Tanya's not a cat here." Dutchess informed Mallory.

Duke looked at the raven-haired duck, "And I don't have any brothers or sisters. And as for Tawny here, she's got a past more like the one I'm guessing you and I are used too."

"Leader of a mutant mob." Tanya muttered shifting back to her non mutant form.

Dutchess raised an eyebrow, impressed. "Cool. This Tanya just did the scientist thing. Not much else."

"Not even hacking?" Tanya gasped, she couldn't imagine resisting the temptation to mess with files.

"Or blowing stuff up?" Nosedive snickered and was promptly slapped by Tanya. "Hmm... Think that's the Migrator." Duchess commented, hearing tires squeal. "Nah, she created programs to stop hackers. Namely me. And defiantly blowing up stuff."

"Good ol' Tanya." Nosedive continued to tease.

"I can't wait till my counterpart gets here!" Tanya shouted, "We'll have a field day pounding the smirk off your beak!"

"Tanya calm down," Duke cautioned desperately, "Think of the baby."

The Migrator pulled into view at that moment, stopping near the group. Dutchess' brother came storming out eyes widening at the group. "Sis, what'cha do now?" He asked as a dizzy looking Dive came out from behind him. He too froze.

"Hey Dutch? Tell me this is a hologram you made."

"Yeah right Dive. I'm not that good.”

Jazz did a double take. " more triple spicy burritos for me!"

"Maybe we should keep your Dive on a leash?" Prem joked.

Dutchess grinned. It was a bit unnerving to see two Nosedives. Or doubles of you’re teammates. Now they knew how she felt. "Guys, meet yourselves, Jazz and Premnitia.” She turned to the new team. “I'm sure you all recognize these two."

The two mutants nodded.

Wildwing felt a headache coming on. "Two Baby Bros. This must be my lucky day."

Cringing Mallory murmured, "This is a nightmare."

"Duh, Duke L'Orange that is the last time you drive." Tanya walked out of the Migrator, satisfied no damage was done. "If you ever- What in the-?" She asked seeing two Dukes.

"Attack of the Puckworld Pranksters!" Mallory was freaking out.

"Aww, come on Mal-Mal. It can't be that bad." Dive joked.

Tanya stared at herself, it was like looking into a confused mirror. "Oh boy, it gonna be one of those days." "Ya know," Duke chuckled, "he does have an honest face." "Thieves and dorks." Mal was quaking. "Some one find me some ruby slippers, I wanna go home!" "At least we only have three doubles...." Dutchess commented. Her brother glared at her. "You're still in trouble." Dutchess groaned. "You guys want an extra Duke?" she asked the other team, half joking. Mallory was the first to reply, "NO!!!" "We'll have one in five months anyway." Prem laughed and pointed to Tanya. "Hey!" Jazz laughed, "It could be a little Tanya." "Dut- WHAT?" The other Duke responded. He and Tanya glanced at each other uncertainly. Tanya (the cat/duck) wished she could crawl under a rock, the stares she was getting were so embarrassing. "You two are, um, uh mar-married?" Tanya asked the doubles. Jeez, Duke and I are barely dating.... Jazz took the opportunity to rub it in, "Ya heard her Duke my man, your counterpart's gonna be a daddy!" "We've been married for half a year now," Duke answered. "They've been on their honeymoon for six months too." Mallory muttered. Dutchess raised an eyebrow. "Year and a half?" She asked, unable to think straight or keep the dread out of her voice. Great, encouragement for Tanya grinned at her, "No...Mal means we've been married for six months and very happily at that." she glared at her friend who'd been referring to how open she and Duke were with their affections. Dutchess’ Dive spoke up next. "Um, guys and girlies? Maybe we could continue this at the Pond? After deciding how to not get confused with names? Since we do have three people who look alike and have the same name?" "I've got a name for Dive." Mallory eyed the comical duck craftily. Dutchess nodded at her boyfriend and headed inside the Migrator, needing to get away from the two Duke's. Does he always fall for her? "Let's keep the rating down." Dive answered as they buckled up.

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