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A/N: Here it is so don’t say I didn’t warn ya…“In Captive Wings” (another fic I wrote), originally started out to be a darker fan fiction but I kind of lightened it up towards the end (which will be coming soon). In this fic (which will probably be raised to an R rating by the end), I’m not going to lighten up. I’m going to explore the darker side of Duke L’Orange the way I think he’d act if it weren’t for going straight. The ducks are still on Earth and it’s been over a year after their mission’s started. This fic does NOT fit in with any of my timelines. It’s just a little experiment I’m doing with an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. I hope you enjoy the story…please don’t flame me. I’ll either get annoyed or ignore it. I do not want younger children reading this fic, hopefully they’ll keep away from high ratings, I can’t be there to make sure they don’t click on the link.

Hidden Agendas

Written By: Amanda/Artiste/Agent Di

Part One: She Didn’t Suspect

It’s no secret that The Mighty Ducks all led their separate lives (except for maybe Wildwing and Nosedive) before the Saurian attack on Puckworld. Their whole world came crumbling down around them when the lizards blasted their homes, enslaved their families, and destroyed every last shred of dignity they had.

Mallory McMallard was a promising officer, a top commando no less. She could have really gone places on Puckworld. But instead…she went to Earth.

No puck got past Wildwing Flashblade, faster than lightening before the net one would be hard pressed to find a better goalie anywhere. Things took a turn for the worse when he met up with his best friend Canard shortly after Dragonous acquired Puckworld. He went from being a slave to those disreputable lizards, to becoming a slave to the sudden role of leader when Canard made the ultimate sacrifice for his team.

Grin Hardwing, probably the most serene duck on the planet. His wisdom didn’t reach everyone he spoke to, but the teachings of his hockey master never left his enlightened soul. Think of all the players he might’ve trained…had he not followed the path of a hero.

Nosedive Flashblade, the guy didn’t originate from a bad gene pool, that’s for sure. Rebellious and zany he was sure to be the life of the party wherever he went. No one handled a puck like the young hockey maniac. And he might’ve made a career out of the talent, but…Baby Bro wasn’t about to let Wing have all the fun.

Able to set the timer on a VCR, invent mind-blowing weapons, and hack into any computer system she chose, Tanya Vanderflock could’ve gone just about anywhere. Scientist, mathematician, medical expert, and mysterious hacker, what she lacked in feminine quality she more than made up for in smarts. Which left her to wonder…was joining the Resistance really the smartest decision she could’ve made?

Now in a team of heroes and heroines, even one as diverse as this bunch, it has to strike one as at least a bit peculiar that the most notorious jewel thief on Puckworld would hold a position. What? The guy just waltzes up to the Resistance, declares he wants to go straight, and is automatically trusted? Is Duke L’Orange, who holds the title ‘Greatest Thief Of All’, really a changed duck? Perhaps the leader of The Brotherhood of the Blade still retains a bit of larceny? And if so…perhaps his motives aren’t fueled solely by chivalry and an honors code. Maybe he has a hidden agenda.


From his stance by the Migrator Duke couldn’t help but drift away in his thoughts while his teammates (all but Tanya and Nosedive) clued in Cleghorn about the latest jewel robbery they’d busted. The rookies had been going about the heist all wrong. First up, they forgot about a lookout. Guys just gettin’ into the trade should always have someone watchin’ their backs. Next, they hadn’t bothered to wear gloves, talk about your rookie mistakes. Fingerprints everywhere! No wonder they were so easy to bust. It made a pro sick to think about it.

Then another thought entered the dark depths of his mind. One that had been presenting itself to the mysterious mallard a lot lately. It’s been over a year since ya left on this mission. What’s the hold up Duke? Lost yer touch? Just remember what’cha really came for…the mob won’t wait forever. Shaking his head he banished the taunting reminder. He hadn’t lost his nerve, he was just biding his time. Waiting for just the right moment, then he’d make his move. The others would never see it comin’.

Glancing over his right shoulder he spotted Nosedive fidgeting around impatiently while the others rambled on with Cleghorn in the police station. What ever happened to tying up the lawbreakers and leavin’?!

“Man! I’m gonna miss Bernie’s Cartoon Marathon if they don’t hurry it up in there!” Dive exclaimed. The kid was addicted to that wacked out show. Sad really.

“Relax Nosedive, I set the timer recording myself. You won’t miss a minute.” Tanya said calmly from Duke’s other side.

“Yeah,” Nosedive whined, “but think of all the commercials taking up space on my tape!”

Rolling her eyes Tanya sighed in exasperation, deciding not to bother arguing with the big baby. Duke took the opportunity to test out some of his trade moves.

Sliding a bit closer, so that their hips were touching, he snuck an arm around her shoulder. With a sly smile he gazed up into the stars, “Nice night for star gazin’ huh?”

Ignoring his advances, perhaps thinking such behavior second nature to Duke, Tanya glanced up and shrugged, “Actually, it’s a little cloudy for gawking at the stars tonight. You can barely make out the constellations.”

Nosedive snickered from behind Duke and made the sound of a bombshell going off. If I weren’t tryin’ to be such a gentlemen tonight I’d deck that kid.

Turning back to Tanya he felt the slight pressure on his arm ease off as she darted away to Mallory who had just come stomping down the stone steps. “I HATE thieves.” she grunted to her friend.

Tanya merely laughed and followed her into the Migrator. “I don’t really think you’re high on their list of favorites either.”

“That’s for sure.” Duke muttered, following the two ducks inside.

“Hey Bro!” Dive shouted as the other two ducks tromped down the steps, “I vote next time we shove the crooks through the return slot and motor home!”

“Bernie the Bear Marathon?” Wing asked wearily of Grin.

“Yep.” Grin nodded. “I’m not worried. Tanya set the timer for me.”

If it’s not one it’s both. Wildwing groaned to himself. “Alright everyone,” he announced upon entering the vehicle, “let’s call it a night and head back to The Pond.”

Duke took his seat next to Mallory at the controls. Sometimes they switched stations and he was next to Tanya. Unfortunately for him, tonight was not one of those times.


Upon reaching The Pond each duck filed out and went to their separate bunks. Duke lingered in the whole a while waiting for a nightly event that he’d grown accustomed to. It didn’t take long before he heard the swish of a door sliding open. Tanya’s door.

She was heading back into her lab. The one place where the scientist felt she had a little time to herself. The others would occasionally drop by to sneak a peak at her latest inventions or complain about something not working. But other than that, the lab was Tawny’s sanctuary.

Tanya didn’t even bother prying her eyes from the circuit board she was working on as her most frequent visitor entered the lab. “Hi Duke. I take it you’re not ready to turn in either?”

“Nah, you and me, we’re just a couple of night owls.” he blew off the question. Easing his way over to her he decided to try his moves again. Maybe add a pinch more style this time.

“Guess so.” Tanya answered, not really into the conversation.

Her obliviousness made it easy for the thief to sneak closer. Standing behind her he leaned over her shoulder, pretending to be interested in what she was doing. His hands fell over hers as his beak curved around her neck. “New project?”

“Huh?” the close contact was starting to get to Tanya, even though she was certain that this was just Duke’s way. “Um…no. I’m just making a few repairs on this before…”

Duke’s hands traveled up her arms sending chills down her spine and silencing the blonde. “You gonna be long with this sweetheart?”

Raising an eyebrow in disbelief as he drew his beak nearer to hers Tanya fought the oncoming shivers and answered, “U-uh maybe? Did you need me to fix something?”

His breath warmed her neck while the rest of her body was covered in goose bumps. Pulling her back against him he replied, “I’ll let ya disassemble my saber to get some time alone with ya angel.”

Okay…this isn’t making ANY sense! Tanya told herself. Why the heck would Duke L’Orange be flirting with me?! I mean, he may be a lady’s man but COME ON, Mallory’s room is right down the hall for cryin’ out loud!

“We’re alone now.” the words escaped her beak before she could realize what they might lead him to think.

“C’mon Tanya,” Duke’s smile served to ease the tension a little, “I can’t have ya all to myself when you’re workin’.”

Before Duke could suggest taking the matter to another room an irritated voice cried from the hallway, “TANYA! THIS STUPID DRYER’S SPARKING AGAIN!”

Not now Mallory! the glare in Duke’s eye seemed to shout. The red headed duck came through the door just as Duke reluctantly released Tanya from his tightening embrace.

She didn’t even bother to ask what Duke was doing there. He was always hanging around the lab, or in the garage, when he wasn’t off doing who knows what somewhere in Anaheim.

I’m never gonna get anywhere with her now. Duke admitted. Realizing the night was shot he turned and headed out of the room.

“What’s his problem?” Mallory scoffed when the door slid shut.

“I have no idea.” Tanya partially lied. While he’d made his intentions pretty clear, she couldn’t figure out what on Earth would possess him to flirt with her over Mallory. Heck, she’d expect him to chase down some human model or even a measly hockey fan before coming onto her.

No longer interested in what was bugging the gray duck Mallory held up the malfunctioning electronic. “How the heck am I supposed dry me hair without frying myself? I knew I should’ve went for the cheaper model.”

Actually, I’m the one who told you not to spend that extra ten bucks for the cordless blow-dryer. Tanya laughed recalling the shopping trip Mal had dragged her on. “Just use mine for tonight. I need something else to keep me busy tonight anyway.”

“Why so eager to stay cooped up in this lab?” Mallory asked. Glad that Tanya had offered her the use of her dryer. That would save her a seriously bad hair day in the morning.

Unwilling to discuss what had just taken place between her and Duke, Tanya changed the subject, “You know if you wait much longer your hair’s gonna air dry and curl up.”

Feeling her damp hair Mallory cringed, “Great, and Phil’s making us do three photo shoots tomorrow!”

The door slid shut again leaving Tanya alone in the lab. Her nerves were unsettled now. She almost wished Mallory would come back in with a broken curling iron or something. Anything to keep her mind off of what had occurred just moments ago with Duke. Maybe it was just a joke or something? Maybe there was a full moon out tonight? That made people act crazy, right? Maybe she was losing her mind?!

Duke wasn’t going to pull a stunt like that again. It was a one time deal. The subject probably wouldn’t even come up between them again. That was a surprisingly saddening thought.

Picking up the screwdriver she went back to work on the circuit board. She’d just have to put this night behind her. Duke was a teammate and nothing more. And for all his weird little quirks, like pet names and shameless flattery, he was a pretty decent guy. Besides, they had a mission, what could be more important than that?


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