A/N: Same deal as in the previous chapter, this one contains more of Duke and Tanya making love. Thus I’ve rated it R. If you’re not comfortable with that then please skip this chapter. Thanks.

In Captive Wings

Part Ten: In the Heat of Passion

Three months after their wedding and Duke and Tanya L’Orange were still hopelessly in love. And showing it…

Tanya’s waistline had grown a tad larger but her lover seemed not to notice. And if he did notice…he didn’t care. More to love.

Running his hands up along her body Duke eased his lady back down on the bed. They’d just finished a quick shower, barely able to restrain themselves long enough to towel off…using the same towel didn’t help decrease the temptation.

His tongue entered her beak and swirled around in seductive motions. Tanya quivered in his strong grasp as their bodies joined as one. Nothing could’ve been more alluring.

Groaning in a pleasant pain Tanya moved her arms down Duke’s back. This was too much. No seriously, this was too much!

“Hold that thought,” she whispered getting up and darting back into the bathroom.

“Tanya?” Duke’s eyes bulged, “You okay angel?” This was new.

Inside the bathroom Tanya proceeded to lose her dinner, “Ugh, that tasted even worse the second time.”

Worried Duke got up to check on his wife, tapping the door he called gently. “Tanya? Sweetheart? Ya alright?”

Rolling her eyes she called back, “Oh yeah hun, I just love hurling out my guts!”

So now it’s mood swings? Isn’t it a little early for that? Duke heard the sounds of Tanya brushing her teeth and took it as a sign that he was free to enter the room.

Squeezing another string of toothpaste from the tube onto her toothbrush Tanya went back to scrubbing the bitter taste from her mouth.

Easing over to her Duke put an arm around her shoulder, “Tanya, sweetie, come back to bed. It’s alright, I can see ya don’t fell well tonight.”

Swishing the bubbly water around in her bill and spitting it out she sat up and leaned against Duke’s chest. “This has to be some flu that’s going around. I’ve never felt this sick in my life.” My period’s usually not this irregular either. Then again, it’s typical for me to be late when I’m sick.

Embracing her softly he lead her back to their bedroom, “It’s okay Tawny. I’m here. This’ll pass.”

Smiling she recalled the time before their marriage, how snippy they’d been towards each other. And how it all turned to love. A short while ago she would’ve never pictured Duke L’Orange as a kind and caring individual whose whole life could revolve around his love for another. And yet, here he was. Bending over backwards for her. Duke may have been the one with the visual handicap, but in Tanya’s mind, it was she who’d been blind.


Morning found the two lovebirds nestled closely in the satin sheets. Duke’s eyes slowly opened, their first sight, Tanya. She’s gotta be the most beautiful sleeper around.

Feeling him stir slightly Tanya’s eyes fluttered open, “Morning Duke.”

“Mornin’, Mrs. L’Orange.” he loved saying that.

Stretching out where she lay Tanya gently brought her beak to his. “Sorry about last night.”

“What for?” Duke asked, “Ya didn’t feel well. I can understand that.”

Tanya grinned, he was so considerate. How in the world had she ever gotten angry at him last night?

After a brief pause Duke looked at her with a mischievous glimmer in his good eye, “So, ya feelin’ any better now?”

“Much better-” Tanya then caught on to what he was really asking, “-oh no Duke, I don’t wanna get you sick.”

Easing above her he smirked down at the icy blue eyes he’d come to adore, “I’ll take my chances.”

“You’re gonna get the flu.” Tanya teased wrapping her arms around his neck and stroking the small lock of hair that flowed down just short of his shoulders.

“Consider this a way of testing my immunity.” he leered. “Either way, I win.”

Rocking her hips against his form, which she knew full well sent him over the edge, Tanya twirled his lock of hair around her finger, “You mean, we both win.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he answered back, his voice becoming raspy as he realized that during the excitement last night neither of them had remembered to throw on clothes before turning in.

Ricochet tapped on the door, “Sir, we’ve just received word that a shipment of-”

“Not now Ricochet!” Duke shouted to the closed (and thankfully locked) door, “I’ve got other matters to tend to.”

“But Duke the boys are waitin’ for orders.” Ricochet wasn’t taking the hint.

Grabbing Duke’s neck and pulling him back into their kiss before he could argue further with Ricochet, Tanya probed his beak with her tongue. The sweet sensations engulfed them as Ricochet impatiently started tapping his foot outside their door.

“Well what about the second in command?”

“She’s…busy…too!” Tanya broke the kiss long enough to pant.

Ricochet cocked an eyebrow before a light went off in his head, “Oh…”

Heading back down the hall he left Duke and Tanya to attend to their more important matters. Looks like the boys were on their own today. Once Duke and Tanya got started, there wasn’t a force powerful enough on Puckworld to tear them apart.

Plunging himself in and out of Tanya’s quaking body he bent over to lick away a few beads of sweat that dotted her forehead and the lower side of her beak. “I don’t think I’ll ever find the right words ta tell ya how much I love ya sweetheart.”

“Those’ll work.” Tanya replied breathlessly mimicking Duke’s actions by pulling his face nearer to hers.

Both lovers were so enraptured by their sultry act of passion that neither stopped to consider the little surprise their previous practices had brought about. A tiny shock that awaited them both, created by their love, resting within Tanya.


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