In Captive Wings

Part Four: Deceit & Daggers

The door slid open and Duke stepped out toweling the last of the water droplets off from around his neck. “I see you’ve made yourself comfortable angel.”

Tanya glared at him from the bed, “What part of Tanya is too hard for you to say?”

Duke grinned, “Do you ever run out of insults?”

“They just come natural with you around.” she muttered.

The gray duck shook his head and went over to his dresser again. Tanya closed her eyes and pretended to be drifting off.

She was doing a pretty good job of it too until someone sat down next to her. Opening her eyes slightly she noticed that Duke had slipped into a pair of silky black boxers covered with golden dagger shapes and laid down next to her.

Tanya also noticed that Duke was gazing at her now, “What?”

“Nothin’,” he replied, “anyone ever tell you that your eyes looked a lot like sapphires?”

Tanya laughed, “Anyone ever tell you that shameless flattery doesn’t work on all women?”

“They just light up,” Duke continued, slipping an arm around her, “especially when you’re being sarcastic.”

“They must be blinding right about now.” she muttered, shutting her eyes again.

Duke leaned over and brought his beak close to hers, “You have no idea sweetheart.”

She could feel his breath against her beak, it was warm and inviting. Losing herself for a minute she stared into his eyes. One was covered by an eye patch with a glowing red pupil. The other was amber colored and expressed a soul like she’d never seen before…for a moment, Tanya felt herself falling for Duke L’Orange.

Her eyes really are like sapphires, Duke realized as he used his free hand to remove her glasses. He wondered if she really needed those glasses, her eyes looked perfect to him. Leaning forward more he noted her long thick lashes and creamy white complexion. A tug at his heart confirmed what he feared, Duke was falling for Tanya Vanderflock.

Lost in the moment and consumed by passion they brought their beaks together for a long affectionate kiss. The first of many that they were to share that night.

Gasping for air Tanya pulled away, “Duke…I…we…”

Instead of bothering to reassure her of his faithfulness and the rightness of the moment he gently pulled her back into another kiss. Running his other hand along her thigh he leaned further into the kiss. Tanya felt as though she would burst in anticipation of his next move. But what if he was deceiving her now? Why the sudden interest? True, she had been swept away suddenly by his charms but had he been counting on that?

Something in the moment just felt phony to her so she pushed him away, “Duke, please, this whole thing---there’s just---something amiss about it.”

“What do ya mean sweetheart?” he drew nearer again, his arm sliding around her and his other hand clasping hers.

Tanya studied him for a moment, if he was putting on a show here, he was doing a pretty good job of it. He almost looked entranced by her. But Tanya smelled a rat.

“I thought you were only interested in getting me to give you the formula?” she asked warily.

“Well…I was, at first, but I’m starting to get kind of attached to ya now.” he fumbled through his answer. He was almost ready to believe what he was saying…was it true?

“Right,” now she was certain he was lying, “you’re attached to me? A notorious jewel thief and a scientific expert.”

“Who’s also a infamous hacker.” he reminded her.

“Still,” Tanya continued, “I don’t really seem like your type. Which leads me to think that there’s an ulterior motive to all this.”

Caught! “Alright angel, you’ve got me.” Duke admitted, “Remember when I said that you should consider a life of crime?”

Tanya was silent which told him to go on.

“Well, I just thought that with your know-how and my skills we could join up and have the biggest criminal empire Puckworld’s ever known.” he finished.

“I told you,” Tanya answered in an infuriated tone, “I’m not interested in becoming a thief. Hacker, yes. Thief, never! I refuse to help you. I won’t give you that formula. And I’m not about to fall for anymore of your attempts to win me over with flattery.”

“But angel-” Duke tried to protest but she turned away from him and glared at the opposite wall.

Sighing he gave up and slid his arm around her waist. Falcone had been way off when he’d said that it would be a synch to trick Tanya into joining them. But then again, when WASN’T Falcone wrong?

Tanya fought back the tears as she glared angrily at the cases of expensive jewels stacked on Duke’s furniture. They were probably all stolen. She doubted that there was an honestly bought thing in that entire chamber.

Reluctantly she admitted one thing to herself. It felt right to be there, with Duke. His arms wrapped around her and his gentle breath blowing rhythmically against the back of her neck. She was almost glad to get a break from her normal, and admittedly lonely life. The duck lying next to her seemed to feel the same way. Nuzzling against her back and pulling her body closer he whispered softly in her ear, “Night, Tanya.”

Smiling she responded in a calm and almost blissful tone, “Good night Duke.”

With that both ducks drifted away. Tanya’s final thoughts being of how oddly right it felt to be lying there in a thief’s arms. Duke’s mind and heart hoping secretly hoping that Tanya’s stubborn streak would continue. That way she could remain with him all the longer. A common wish now existed between them, neither wanted the night to end.


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