In Captive Wings

Part Five: Gone Without a Trace

Ruby was in a panic as she paced the lab. Tanya had disappeared and she’d bet her beakers she knew who was responsible. “Those two thieves who were in here after that formula. They must’ve figured out we double crossed them.”

One thing was for sure, Ruby wasn’t going to stand around doing nothing while her best friend sat in the clutches of the most notorious jewel thief on Puckworld! The problem would be locating The Brotherhood of the Blade. No one except the members knew where the mob could be found. Then again…

A newspaper lay on the counter, on the front page was an article about a rare gem called The Drake Diamond. A tempting target for The Brotherhood. After skimming the article Ruby learned that it was to be displayed that week in the local museum of art. The winged shape of the diamond made it a breathless addition to the other exhibits in the photo.

Ruby made up her mind to stake out the museum that night. Hopefully The Brotherhood would make an appearance, and if she was lucky, they’d lead her straight to Tanya.


Tanya yawned and turned over in bed. She was a little surprised to find herself beak to beak with Duke L’Orange.

He slowly opened his eyes and stretched in place, “Mornin’ sweetheart.”

“Fantastic,” Tanya grumbled and turned back around, “it wasn’t just a bad dream.”

“Fraid not angel.” Duke chuckled and sat up. “Feel like giving me that formula today?”

“Not on your life,” Tanya said through clenched teeth.

“Then how ‘bout joining up with me and the boys?” he offered, enjoying the fact that he was getting on Tanya’s last nerve. She was kind of cute when she was angry. Her eyes sparkled and her beak curled back a bit.

Tanya shot straight up and glared Duke in his good eye, “What is it with you? Is the word ‘no’ not in your vocabulary or something?”

Duke gave her a quick peck on the beak before getting out of bed and heading towards his closet, “That, and ‘Tanya’.”

Slumping back against the headboard Tanya let out a sound of exasperation and folded her arms.

A knock at the door followed and Duke threw on his robe, “You might want to think about a shower right now sweetheart, I’ve got some business to take care of.”

“Oh yeah,” Tanya fumed, “and what am I supposed to wear? It’s not like you were smart enough to take a suitcase or anything when you kidnapped me!”

Now Duke was the one letting out an exasperated sigh, “I’ve got another robe hanging on the back of the door in there. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He pointed sharply to the bathroom and Tanya reluctantly got up and went inside.

A few seconds later Duke could hear the shower running. He answered the door and found Ricochet waiting there with a folded newspaper under his arm.

“News of a new heist?” Duke asked.

“The big one.” Ricochet grinned, holding up the newspaper so that his leader could see.

Duke studied the article and the photo, “The Drake Diamond huh? Yeah I think we could swing that. Security around that thing’s gonna be tight. But they haven’t invented the security system that could stop Duke L’Orange.”

Unbeknownst to the two thieves Tanya had her ear to the door and was listening intently to what they were saying. Good, she thought happily, Duke’s gonna be gone tonight. That oughtta give me some time to slip past his lackeys and-

“What about the girl?” Ricochet had to ask.

Duke glanced back at his bathroom door, “Don’t worry about her, she won’t make trouble. I’ll just leave a few of the guys here to make sure of it. I’m getting closer getting that formula, she may even be Brotherhood material.”

“Her?” Ricochet asked skeptically.

“Yes HER.” Duke snapped.

Tanya couldn’t help but feel a little flattered that Duke was standing up for her. The conversation then returned to the jewel heist they’d be pulling off that night. Tanya couldn’t have cared less about this so she proceeded to take her shower.

“…and then we’re in and past the motion detectors. Badda bing badda boom baby we’ll have that diamond.” Duke finished grandly.

“Always with the finesse eh boss?” Ricochet grinned.

“That’s what got me where I am today.” Duke flashed a cunning smile. “Now go fill in the boys. And make sure Falcone doesn’t stay behind on this one. I don’t trust him here with Tany--I mean--the girl.”

Ricochet bowed slightly and left the room. Duke turned and saw that Tanya had finished her shower and was now standing just outside the bathroom with an ear to ear grin. “I knew you could get my name right.” she teased.

Shaking his head in disbelief he walked over and put his arms around his cocky captive, “Ya know angel, you look so good in my robe.”

“I know,” she mused, her plan of escape perfectly formulated, “it’s a crime.”


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