In Captive Wings

Part Six: Daring Escape

Duke was determined to steal the diamond, he left Tanya in his chambers with two members guarding the door. If he thought they’d be enough to stop her, boy was he gonna be surprised!

The mob left and Tanya sat on the bed enjoying the silence for a while. Then, just as she had anticipated, the guards outside her door struck up a conversation.

While they were engrossed in what they were discussing Tanya searched the room and noticed a glass case in the far corner. Tanya crept quietly over to the case and gently slid it along the floor and placed it just a few feet away from the door. She calculated the distance precisely and took the red satin bed curtains down. Tying one end to the handle of a wooden trunk she grabbed the other end and secured it around the leg of a chest of drawers.

Then she paused to make sure the guards were still talking. Their voices were low but they were definitely chatting.

Now to get their attention. She spotted a large antique vase on the corner of the nightstand. That oughtta do it! She laughed inwardly.

Placing a hand on its side she gave it a slight shove and-


“What was that?!” Shadowbill, one of the members outside the door shouted.

“Better check it out,” Crosswing, the second guard, murmured.

They both turned and shoved open the door. Dashing in at the same time both ducks tripped over the strategically placed bed curtain and fell face forward into the glass case.

“That was too easy,” Tanya chuckled gazing down at the unconscious mob members.

This was her chance to escape, and she’d have to make it fast, those guys were down, but not permanently.

Stepping over the fallen guards and shards of broken glass Tanya beat a hasty retreat.



Ruby Dunshap stood outside the art museum freezing her tail feathers off. “G-guess Duke L’Orange isn’t one to be punctual.”

Just as she finished the statement two dark figures swung down from a nearby rooftop.

“Duke L’Orange I presume,” Ruby muttered from her hiding place. She just hoped her chattering teeth wouldn’t give her away.

“Careful there Deadeye,” Duke cautioned, “don’t want to cut the glass too quickly and drop it, it’ll set off every alarm on the planet.”

“Sure thing boss,” Deadeye nodded, “we’re in.”

“Beautiful.” Duke grinned.

Once both thieves were inside Duke skillfully maneuvered through the security beams and motion detectors. Then he removed the glass cover to the diamond and pulled out a replica of nearly the same weight, but made of glass. He held his hands steadily over the diamond, the fake in one hand and the other hand ready to snatch the genuine article. Carefully, and with lightening speed he switched the two gems.

“Masterfully done,” Falcone called from the roof.

“Shhh!!!” Duke and Deadeye warned.

“You wanna bring every guard in this place right to us?!” Duke snapped.

Falcone smiled sheepishly.

Shaking their heads Duke and Deadeye shot ropes up to the skylight and climbed out.

Ruby saw the two thieves join the third on the roof. “Now be good little boys and lead me to my friend.” she whispered.

As if obeying her command the three thieves raced back over the rooftops and into the alleyway. Ruby followed them from a safe distance. She only hoped she could keep up.


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