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In Captive Wings

Part Nine: For the Love of Larceny

They were married in a local church. Nothing too fancy, just romantic, candlelit, and in the company of select family and friends. Ruby was there of course, she was the bridesmaid. And Duke had Ricochet for his best man, no one was really disappointed that Falcone missed the wedding.

The gray feathered priest smiled at the two ducks standing before him, each now wearing a wedding band and still blushing from their long kiss. “I now pronounce you mallard and wife. May I present, for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. L’Orange.”

Ruby fought back tears of joy as she watched her best friend run down the isle with her new husband, looking happier than Ruby had ever seen her in her life. To top off the joyous occasion Ruby herself caught the bouquet as Tanya tossed it into the air. That was the first time she and Duke had spoken in a truly friendly manner towards each other.

“Guess that means you’re next sweetheart.” he’d chuckled.

“You just make sure you do right by my friend there, you hear me L’Orange?” Ruby teased.

“Yes ma’am.” Duke promised, “And next time ya wanna pay the Brotherhood a visit,” he produced a small pin with crossed sabers on a red and black shield, “just come through the front door.”

“I’ll do that.” Ruby took the pin and tossed it up once before catching it and placing it on her dress strap.

Duke laughed and went back over to his bride, “You got one heck of a friend there angel.”

“I like to think of myself as an excellent judge of character.” Tanya smirked and took his arm.

A proud smile crept across Duke’s face. “Ya know Mrs. L’Orange, if you’re not careful I just might be tempted to sneak ya away and start our honeymoon early.”

Tanya shot him a mischievous grin, “So--uh--who’s stopping you?”

I can take a hint, a spark flickered in Duke’s good eye and he scooped up his blushing bride and headed out the back way. Anyone who noticed simply smiled, winked, or gave him a thumbs up as he and Tanya disappeared behind the streamers.



The night came after much anticipation from Duke and Tanya. Not that they hadn’t had an incredible day…

Soft music played with intoxicating lyrics as Duke sat fidgeting on the edge of the bed in his chambers--correction--his AND Tanya’s chambers. He waited impatiently for his bride to emerge in what she had said would be her more comfortable clothes.

Frankly, he didn’t care if she came out in a suit of armor as long as she didn’t make him sit on pins and needles for another agonizing second. “Hun? Ya ready yet?”

The door to their bathroom slowly swung open and revealed Tanya standing, cheeks slightly flushed, in a jet black piece of lingerie. “Well?” she cringed, it had been a wedding present from Ruby. It certainly seemed like something Duke might like. Oh how she hoped she hadn’t just made a fool of herself on their wedding night!

Instead of the dreaded laughter that she’d been expecting Duke’s jaw dropped and he dashed over to inspect his wife in her exotic attire. “Nice, very very nice.” he commented in a sincerely impressed tone. “Provocative is a good look for you sweetheart.”

Tanya felt like she’d burst if she had to sit there and listen to anymore compliments. Okay, so you approve. I got it already!

Taking her hand and sliding his other arm around her back Duke led her over to the bed. “I am so glad ya decided to stay.” he said softly. “I don’t know what I would’ve done without ya.”

“I feel the same way about you.” Tanya let him ease her back on the bed as she brushed his bangs back and gazed at his eye. “I was beginning to think I’d never meet the right guy.”

Gently Duke bent down and brought his beak to Tanya’s, “You’re amazing you know that? I mean, who else would’ve endured all you have and still gone through with marrying a thief?”

When the kiss ended Tanya breathlessly replied, “Who else would’ve put up with me for this long with how stubborn I was?”

“You’re worth it angel.”

“So are you.”

More tender kisses followed as Duke swept his form over Tanya’s body. Nothing in the romance novels came close to this. Fate had definitely been kind to them. And the destiny they’d made for themselves was beginning to look very promising.

Their arms skimmed over each other. Tanya’s breathing quickened as he slid his fingers over the pattern of her lingerie. He knew just how to entice her. As if he hadn’t already been good at it from the start?

Lifting himself up for a slight moment on his elbows he took Tanya’s hand as she brushed it across his face, “Wanna see somethin’ the others aren’t too clear on?”

Tanya raised an eyebrow, “I thought that was, ya know, the whole point?”

Duke laughed, “Nah, I mean this.” He took her hand and together they removed his eye patch. “Not what you’d expect huh?”

Tanya stared into his right eye, the one that had presumably been removed. It was cybernetic now, in a way, yet his injured eye was still there. “If it weren’t for that surgery a few years back I would’ve lost complete sight with this eye. A disadvantage that frankly, I wasn’t willin’ to live with. They combined robotics and all with my ‘put out’ eye and managed to save it…kinda.”

“Impressive work.” Tanya commented, “But I can see why you’d need the eye patch. It’s part of the deal. With the slight glow it constantly gives off it’s sensitive to light.”

“Yeah, and it doesn’t quite have a pleasing effect on people.” he added. Not many Brotherhood members had ever seen him without his eye patch on. And those who had had only done so by accident.

“I think it’s attractive.” Tanya smiled alluringly. “But then again, I’m biased in your favor.”

“Knew I could count on you to see things my way.” he tossed the eye patch on the bedside table and went back to the pleasurable task at hand. “I’ve got a confession to make sweetheart.”

“What?” Tanya was dangling on the edge of insanity and he was making confessions?!

“Back when me and that rat Falcone first came to the lab,” he panted as the passion intensified.

“Yeah…” her nails were starting to dig into his back now. Why couldn’t Mr. Debonair take the hint?!

“…I fell head over heels the second I looked into those icy blue eyes of yours angel. And I knew that somehow, someway, I just had to win ya over. Like it was written in the stars or somethin’.” he finished breathlessly.

“Oh Duke…” Tanya moaned, “were you born this charming or did ya have to go and work at it?”

Smiling in spite of himself he brushed his beak over her body which was now covered in beads of sweat. “Hey, with the right girl in his arms, a guy can be anything and everything he should be.”

Their motions more rapid cries of passion started escaping their beaks while the full moon outside shown down upon the secret lair of the most notorious jewel thief on Puckworld. But tonight he wasn’t merely Duke L’Orange, leader of the Brotherhood. Oh no. Tonight, he was the sultry and enthralling lover that made every fiber of Tanya’s being quiver as plunged her derisive being into the very depths of ecstasy.

With a skillful motion he grabbed hold of the sheets to their side and concealed their loving act beneath the satin which caressed their feathers. Arms wound tightly around each other they let go of all that was previously barring their longing emotions. Nothing stood between them now. Not mistrust, not treachery, and certainly not uncertainty. It was a good night---to be in love.


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