The Black Cat

Part Four: Cruel Fate

“I can’t believe we’re going through with this!” Jazz shouted, more to herself than to Premnitia, as the two ducks slowly made their way back to their homes.

“I don’t like it either,” Premnitia admitted, “but you and I both know that Dragonus will go to any length in his mad quest for power.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Jazz grumbled, Premnitia seemed to be going into one of her sudden premonition stages. Jazz hated those. “So what disaster do you feel coming now?”

Premnitia stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes glowed an electric blue. “The time is near.”

“For what?” Jazz detested playing these guessing games but it was difficult to get a straight answer out of Premnitia otherwise.

A shadow was cast over the gray ducks eyes by her black bangs as she answered darkly, “Two figures emerge, Rexspur spies. We resist, they’re too strong. There’s a flash of bright light. A portal opens, and we’re gone.”

Jazz slapped her forehead, “Thanks for the cheerful thoughts pal!”

Premnitia snapped out of her trans-like state, “Talk about bad news…”

“Yeah, you basically told us WE’RE DOOMED!” Jazz snapped.

“Looks like I was right!” Premnitia pointed to a portal opening not six feet in front of them.

Sure enough, a Rexspur emerged brandishing a weapon while another appeared through a portal behind the two ducks.

“Man, I hate it when you’re right.” Jazz groaned to Premnitia.

“Me too.” Premnitia gulped. “Look boys, we’re not going anywhere!”

“Afraid your fates have already been sealed by Dragonus,” the first spy answered, “you’ll have to take it up with him.”

“Why don’t we just leave the both of you in the dust?” Jazz asked sarcastically, taking Premnitia by the arm and darting off with her down the street.

She was suddenly tripped up by an electrical whip that lashed out and coiled around her feet.

“Sorry mutants,” the second Rexspur laughed as he activated his whip, “but you two aren’t going anywhere but Earth.”

As the whip was electrified at full power both Jazz and Premnitia blacked out. Just like Premnitia had said, there was a flash of bright light, a portal opened, and they were gone.


Despite he’s previous plan to let Tanya come to him with her troubles Duke decided to take matters into his own hands and drop by the lab to check on her.

He entered the lab and saw no sign of Tanya. Odd, she was usually hard at work on some new project by this time of the morning.

“Tanya?” he called, heading out of the lab and into the garage. Maybe she was making repairs (or--gulp--adjustments) to the vehicles.

Still no sign of her. “Tanya?!” he was getting worried as he tapped on her door. After waiting a grand total of ten seconds without getting an answer he whipped out his picks and started on the lock.

He entered the room and flicked on the lights. Duke combed the whole headquarters without finding her. Now where could she be?

Finally he gave up, he’d never find her on his own. The others were returning from one of Phil’s dreaded photo shoots when he came running up to them.

“Duke, what’s wrong?” Wildwing asked.

“It’s Tanya,” Duke explained, “she’s missing.”

“What?” Mallory gasped, “Did you check the lab?”

“Are you kiddin? That’s the first place I looked.” he answered, “But she’s nowhere to be found.”

“Don’t panic,” Wildwing said rationally, “she’s probably just at ‘Lectric Land, I’ll just get her on the comm.”

Wildwing tried several times but it was like Tanya’s communicator was out of reach. But, that was impossible. Wasn’t it?

“What’s wrong now?” Mallory huffed.

“The signal’s definitely not jammed,” Wildwing grunted, “wherever Tanya is, she’s just out of range. Like in another universe.”

“Should we try and contact Borg?” Nosedive questioned.

“No,” Wildwing shook his head, “she would’ve let us know if she were there by now.”

“So you’re saying you think Tanya’s in a completely different dimension?” Duke asked, “One that we’ve never been to before?”

Reluctantly, Wildwing nodded.

“We must find her,” Grin stated, “a teammate should always be able to rely on the loyalty of their fellow hockey players.”

“Agreed,” Wildwing said sternly, “but there’s a problem. We don’t even know where to begin to look.”

“I’ll bet I know,” Mallory almost spat.

“Yeah,” Nosedive sneered, “ol’ Lizard Lip’s ship.”

“Right,” Wildwing nodded, “time to search for the Raptor. They must have repaired their dimensional gateway and used it on Tanya.”

Everyone gathered around Drake One as Nosedive started keying in commands. “BINGO!” he announced, “Looks like Dragonus has just powered that thing up!”

“C’mon!” Mallory shouted, dashing for the doors, “Let’s move it before they get away!”

“DUCKS ROCK!” Nosedive exclaimed as he and the others followed Mallory to the Migrator.


*Can you guess why Dragonus really fired up the dimensional gateway? And will Tanya get it together before it’s too late? Read and review and I’ll tell ya soon!*

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