*Note: Hey! I rewrote this chapter because it was called to my attention that it was hard for readers to see why Dragonus and Duke didn’t realize that Tanya was The Black Cat. I’ve added a few more paragraphs here and there to describe their thinking processes and hopefully help the readers see where their denseness is coming from. ^_^ Thanks for pointing things out to me, I hope this helps.*

The Black Cat

Part Six: Facing Friends and Foes

Duke collapsed inside the Raptor as it blasted off into the sky. The other ducks could only watch as yet another of their members disappeared from sight.

“Great,” Mallory grumbled, “who’s next?”

“You and I will just have to scan the area for them in the Migrator.” Wildwing instructed, “Grin, you and Nosedive take the Duck Cycles and bring back the Aerowing.”

The remaining ducks split up and the search for the Raptor--not to mention Duke and Tanya--was on!

“Oh beautiful L’Orange,” Duke scolded himself, “way to get yourself caught by the Saurians.”

Fortunately for Duke the Saurians were under the impression that he’d been blow away from the ship as it blasted off.

“Guess now all that’s left is to start training them mutants,” Siege said to Wraith as the two of them came down the corridor.

Duke pressed his back flat against the wall to avoid being seen. Apparently this was his lucky day. Mutants? Now what the heck are they up to?

The two lizards turned the corner leaving only their shadows in Duke’s sight. Suddenly he heard muffling gasps and saw the shadow of another figure spring onto the unsuspecting lizards. Whoever it was, they were really wiping the floor with those Saurian slime balls.

Once they had the Saurians bond and gagged they took off down the corridor and disappeared from Duke’s sight completely. The gray duck quickly rushed around the corner and past the two dumbstruck Saurians to try and catch up with the mysterious figure.

Inside the cell block Jazz tugged at the bracelet on her left wrist. “I’ll bet these things self destruct or something. No way I’m walking around with a ticking time bomb for jewelry.”

A small tan fox tapped Jazz on her elbow. “It’s not a time bomb.”

“Huh?” Jazz looked down into the large hazel eyes staring up at her. “What do you mean? What’s your name kid?”

“My name’s Vixonne and that’s designed to break your system down if you remove it. The Saurians stole the technology from Grutogs centuries ago.” the little girl answered.

“Lemme guess,” Jazz smiled, “you’re mutation is super intelligence?”

“No,” Vixonne blushed, “my race is highly intelligent. My mutation is telepathy and the ability to link minds with others. Back on our planet magic is the primary source of energy and the Grutogs used to attack us with their technology. Anyone with a band like that on their wrist would suffer a great sickness when they removed it. The Grutogs could track our troops with them, no one dared take them off. The sickness can be fatal after just a few hours without the band.”

“Perfect,” Jazz groaned and stopped jerking on the band, “we’re stuck here on death row doing a bunch of lizards’ bidding.”

“We’ll figure a way out of this,” Premnitia assured her, “Besides, Ruby said that The Black Cat would come.”

“We’re saved,” Jazz responded sarcastically, “look around Prem, nobody’s coming to help us! The Pride sold us out.”

As much as she hated to admit it, it did seem as though they were caught up in a hopeless situation. Sighing Premnitia studied her wristband.

“What’s The Pride?” a voice asked her.

Turning around Premnitia came face to face with the little boy she’d pushed out of the way earlier. “They were a secret organization of mutants back on our home world. They promised us that they’re leader was here and that she’d help.”

The boy nodded, “Well, it hasn’t been that long. I’ll bet she’s on her way.”

Premnitia smiled, “An optimist huh? Maybe you’re right. I’d rather believe that our situation wasn’t hopeless. Besides, those Saurian sleazebags have some serious bad karma coming their way. I can sense it.”

“I’m Eirgo.” the boy, a mouse looking creature with an extremely powerful aura introduced himself. “You must be some sort of psychic. That’s cool, I’m telekinetic and I’m working on my ability to change the states of matter.”

Premnitia laughed, “I’m no psychic. I’m sort of a mystic. I get premonitions and alter weather forms. Plus I’ve been told that my strength’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Eirgo grinned, “No wonder they stuck these bracelets on us. If we were to combine our powers we’d be out of here in no time.”

Premnitia and Jazz’s faces instantly lit up. Eirgo had a point. Why not?

“Say Prem,” Jazz pulled her friend aside, “if we could bust out of this cell we could get those kids to the teleportation pad and send them home.”

“One problem,” Premnitia held up her wristband, “what are we supposed to do about these?”

Jazz studied the band a moment in deep thought. “Well---say we were willing to transfer the energy out of these things into our bands. The concentration would be high but it just might work. Without energy to power the kids’ bands they’d be free to remove them and the Saurians would lose control.”

“Jazz wait a minute,” Premnitia interrupted, “are you suggesting that we SOMEHOW transfer the energy of ALL these bands into ours, INCREASING the power of whatever this ‘sickness’ is that’ll overtake us when we try to take ours off, and then make it ALL the way to the teleportation pad to send every last one of these kids home?”

Jazz nodded.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!?” Premnitia snapped, “That’s suicide!”

“You got a better plan?”

“We’d never make it past the Saurians. Especially with all these kids!” Premnitia pointed out.

“Ruby did want us to look after these kids.” Jazz reminded her. “If we don’t help them, who will?”

“And what about us?” Premnitia asked, “Have you stopped to think about what Dragonus will do to us?”

“Look, you’re the one who’s always telling me to think of others first.” Jazz countered, “Well now I’m doing it. We can’t bust all these kids out of the Raptor but if we manage to send them home then maybe the two of us can get past the security.”

“This is nuts.” Premnitia sighed.

“Stop being such a bring down!” Jazz growled, “It’s now or never. Once they land the Raptor they’ll be back to start our training.”

She thought about this for a moment before replying, “I still say this is a stupid idea Jazz, but if it makes trouble for Dragonus and the Saurians, count me in!”


Duke continued to chase the mysterious assailant through the dark corridors of the Raptor. It became obvious by the high blonde pony tail and curves beneath the black spandex that he was chasing a female duck. Only…this duck was part cat. Her black ears, long tail, and glimmering claws tipped him off. Who was she? What was she??

In all his years as leader of The Brotherhood he’d never come across a creature that had even remotely resembled the woman he was staring at now. Yet…a certain air of familiarity did hang around her. He dismissed it as being nothing but an odd inkling in the midst of a potentially deadly situation.

The woman seemed to be heading in a specific direction. Duke decided to follow her. Whatever she was looking for, maybe she would lead him straight to Tanya.

She continued to head down the hall towards a large set of blood red double doors. Pausing for a second she looked them over from behind her black mask. Shaking her head she produced a small gray ball of clay and stuck it to the doors. In a half of a minute the clay ball exploded and the doors burst open.

Duke braced himself for the shrill sound of alarms but noticed the figure jam a tiny needle like device into the circuits exposed by one of the doors. It seemed to disable the security system. “Impressive,” Duke muttered, “but you’ll need all nine of your lives to get past Dragonus sweetheart.”

The female had two shining silver swords crisscrossing against her back, she now drew one and proceeded to travel deeper into the Saurians’ ship with Duke following close behind her.

In Tanya’s mind she could sense someone else nearby. That eerie feeling of being watched was getting to her but every time she turned around no one else was in sight. Surely she wasn’t becoming paranoid? Then again, this was the Raptor.

She knew the layout of the Raptor well and gradually made her way towards the prison cells. Dragonus was sure to be keeping the mutants there. She only hoped she made it time before anyone was seriously injured by that sinister tyrant. Whipping around again she KNEW someone was following her. But if it was a Saurian, why hadn’t they attacked by now?

While she was preoccupied by her unidentified companion another creature was making his way towards her. The sinister tyrant himself---Dragonus!

At first Dragonus had figured the creature to be the blonde mutant he and the others had locked down in the cells. Jazz was it? But after creeping closer he noted that she was taller and her build a bit more curvy. Just what he needed, those DUCKS interfering. No matter, he’d dispose of this oddly shaped mallard easily enough. He ran all the possible team members through his mind as he stalked up behind the female. None seemed to fit the appearance of the mutant standing before him. Whoever she was, she HAD to be one of the ducks, how else could she have gotten to Earth without the use of his transporter? Well, if the ducks had somehow managed to construct their own dimensional gateway, he’d be sure to have Wraith and Siege take it off their wings.

Duke had dunked behind a piece of equipment lining the hall. It was taking all his stealth to keep this strange woman from spotting him. When he finally felt her gaze leave him he peaked out from behind his hiding place and noticed Dragonus standing just feet away from the cat duck.

“I don’t know who you are…” Dragonus spoke angrily, “…but you’ll regret ever setting foot in here!”

The woman didn’t flinched as he held up his hand to send a blast her way. Duke thought about rushing to her rescue but decided to see if she’d really need his help first.

Dragonus let loose his blast and the woman easily maneuvered around it. She landed on her feet just out of his reach and tossed him a grin as if to say ‘Is that the best ya got?’.

Enraged Dragonus aimed his disintegrator at her, “Let’s see you escape this!”

He fired several times and each time the woman dodged disaster. Finally she leapt toward him and with a swipe of her blade the designator fell to the floor.

Dragonus looked astonished. No one had ever managed to disarm him in battle before. No one, but those accursed ducks!

“I know who you are,” Dragonus glared at the woman. “It would take more than a mask to full me. Did you think after two years of battling I wouldn’t recognize a so called Mighty Duck when I saw one?!”

Duke’s eye widened, there was only one blonde female on the team. And there was just no way that Tany-Oh boy will she get a kick outta this when I tell her. Just as Tanya had counted on her appearance and trade made it nearly impossible for anyone to consider her as a possible suspect for The Black Cat.

Tanya crossed her arms and glared at Dragonus. He may have guessed that she was a Mighty Duck, but it was doubtful that he knew which one. Her disguise was full proof. No one would ever suspect that Tanya Vanderflock, the team tech and computer nerd was actually the sleek and undefeatable Black Cat.

This creep may know a lot about mutants but he’s clueless when it comes to disguises like the ones The Pride has cooked up. We haven’t existed undetected this long for nothing. Not even the top security forces on Puckworld know who we are. And they won’t spread word one about us until they know who they’re dealing with.

Dragonus studied her for a moment, he decided to play on her sympathy for other mutants, “I’ll tell you what Duck. Join me and I’ll see that you and your kind get out of here alive. Refuse, and try as you might, you’ll never get a single one of those mutant children out of here in one piece!”

Duke’s good eye widened, Impossible, Dragonus has stooped to kidnapping now? Aw we should’ve seen this comin’!

In response to his offer Tanya took the whip off her utility belt and wrapped it around Dragonus’ feet.

“You dare defy me?!” he roared, preparing to send a blast her way.

This was what Tanya had been counting on. She quickly jerked the whip and sent Dragonus crashing to the floor. His blast hit a rusty pipe just above him and water instantly poured down on the infuriated lizard.

Duke had to suppress a laugh, “Whoever ya are angel, you’ve got skills.”

With Dragonus temporarily out of the way Tanya took off through the doors and towards the holding cells.

Dragonus furiously cried out to her, “Don’t think you’ve won Duck! In fact, you’ve just sealed the doom of every mutant on this ship!!”

Duke watched as Dragonus pulled a metallic device out of his purple robe and pressed a button. “That can’t be good.” he muttered and rushed past him to help the kids.

He stopped when he heard the sound of lasers down the hall, “The Chameleon, figures.”

Tanya was locked in battle with the final Saurian now. The Chameleon sported some sort of razor propulsion device on his back and with each click of the button on the handheld trigger he sent another spiked razor her way.

She managed to block most of them with her swords but to her surprise The Chameleon chuckled and flipped a switch beneath the trigger. “Let’s see how ya like the shredder mode.”

Tanya growled at the lizard as he sent what must have been twenty razors flying at her at once. This could be a little tricky.

Duke winced as the razors she couldn’t block sliced into her shoulders, legs, and finally---her mask.

Tanya gasped as the mask fell to her feet. She had a small gash in front of her ear but worst of all, The Chameleon had an ear to ear grin on his slimy green face.

Morphing into a male game show contestant he exclaimed smugly, “I’ll take Who is Tanya from The Mighty Ducks? for 800!”

Duke’s jaw dropped as Tanya turned her face away from The Chameleon and towards him.

“Tanya?” he whispered in disbelief. Guess she won’t find it so funny after all. But of all ducks---Tanya?!

“Lucky for you I have a spare,” Tanya replied to The Chameleon, still unaware of Duke watching her. She pulled out another mask from her utility belt as well as a tiny dagger which she sent soaring at the cocky lizard.

“WHOA!” The Chameleon cringed as the dagger sliced through the cord connecting the trigger to the launcher. “We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor!”

“Oh no ya don’t,” Tanya fired a grappler at The Chameleon and grinned as he came crashing down to the floor. “I should’ve taken care of this years ago,” she remarked as she stepped over him and finally came to the holding cells’ entrance.

“You dirty ducky!” he exclaimed as he wriggled against the restraints, “Ya just wait till I’m loose!”

Tanya ignored his threats and disappeared into the Raptor’s gloomy prison.

Duke lingered behind a moment, “Tanya? A mutant?” he felt hurt that she would’ve kept a secret like this from him--ur, the team--for this long. Narrowing his eye Duke activated his com, “Something fishy’s goin’ on here and I think it’s about the others knew about it.”


*Whew, long chapter. I know a lot happened here and I’ll be the first to admit it’s overwhelming but deep dark secrets usually are. The big question is…how will Tawny react once she learns that Duke’s spilled her secret to the rest of the team? Oh, and can Prem and Jazz save those kids in time? And who’s gonna save them? ^_~ Review and I’ll post more ASAP.*

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