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Two Thieves and One Heart

Masked Ally

Life was never the same for Tanya after she revealed her mutant identity to the team. But everyone did okay with it. Occasionally Duke would work up the nerve to ask her out and that went well. Then again, Nosedive would waltz into the lab and go poking around, knock something over, and---catch the best of Tanya at her worst.

Yet, things still ran smoothly, their main priority was still the capture of Dragonaus and the Saurians. Tanya would run scans with Drake One while Mallory and Wildwing went on patrol, Jazz and Premnitia would study files and clues, Duke was usually off consulting with his ‘sources’, and Grin…Grin meditated on the matter.

“WHOA!” Tanya exclaimed one evening as a bleeping red dot appeared on the screen.

Jazz and Premnitia were the only ones present at the time and both ducks looked up with curious gazes. “Something up Tanya?” Jazz inquired casually.

“I’ll say,” Tanya exclaimed, “we’ve got teleportation energy off the scales! Well…if you’ll--uh--excuse the pun.”

Premnitia laughed and put down the files she was sorting through, “Guess that’s our cue to get out there and save the world again.”

“Now this is odd.” Tanya remarked as she stared at the view screen.

“What?” both teens asked.

“Well, they were there just a minute ago but…” Tanya trailed off and hit a few more keys, “It’s like they just vanished!”

Premnitia plopped back down and picked up the files, “False alarm.”

Jazz dashed up to the platform and hung over Tanya’s shoulder, “But we shouldn’t have lost that location for another twenty-nine point two seven seconds!”

“I know,” Tanya agreed, “it’s like they’re just…gone. Wait!” she perked up as the bleeping dot reappeared.

“They’re back…” Prem snickered.

“They must’ve left our universe!” Tanya gasped, “But that means…”

“Yeah,” Jazz sneered, “we’ve got ANOTHER dimensional gateway to destroy.”

“Don’t those goons ever give up?” Prem sighed.

“Doesn’t look like it.” Tanya grunted as the bleep headed for what she knew to be the bad part of town.

“Hmm…” a male’s voice came suddenly from the elevator, “looks like they’re headed for the old haunt by Camille’s Alley.”

Jazz turned up her beak and glared at the ex-jewel thief, “Don’t you EVER knock?”

“Hey Jazzy!” Nosedive called as he stepped out from behind Duke.

“Dive!” Jazz grinned and rushed into her boyfriend’s arms, “I thought you’d be off at that comic book convention with Thrash and Mookie all day?”

“Yeah,” Dive produced a small plastic bag from behind his back, “the Mr. Inferno lighters worked a little too well and the sprinklers went off so they had to end the whole thing early.”

Jazz shook her head and laughed, “The things people will sell for a profit.”

“Speaking of sells,” Nosedive opened the bag and pulled out a mint condition vo.4 copy of The Adventures of Zontar and handed it to his girl, “I managed to trade in a few extras of mine to get this for ya.”

Jazz’s jaw dropped as she looked at the rare comic in disbelief. Then her arms flew around Dive’s neck as she squealed happily, “OH DIVE YOU’RE THE BEST BOYFRIEND THERE IS! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT BUDDY!”

“You know it,” he smiled as their beaks met.

“Back to reality,” Duke smirked and turned to Tanya, “we’d better check out that haunt and find out what those cold blooded cowards are up to this time.”

Nodding Tanya got up and swiped her claws over her chest and waist, her method of changing into thieving gear. Once her black spandex had appeared along with her utility belt she stuck the two swords across her back and followed Duke to the garage.

“I just love these sunset rendezvous with the forces of darkness.” she joked as she swung a leg over the side of the Duck Cycle she and Duke were using.

Duke glanced back at her with his good eye, she looked dressed to kill in that tight fitting leotard of hers. Admittedly, he wished they’d had the night off of crime fighting. But there were lizards afoot and that meant evil schemes to foil. “You and me gotta make some time to have a little late night rendezvous sans lizards sweetheart.”

Tanya laughed at Duke’s usual flirtation and tightened her grip around his waist as they sped off out of the garage and towards the bad part of town, their silhouette barely noticeable against the darkening blanket of stars.


“Hurry up will ya?” Siege ordered as The Chameleon and Wraith monitored the Hunter Drones while they carried out Dragonaus’s bidding. “Them ducks’ll be here any minute.”

“Well I could have foreseen that!” Wraith replied annoyed.

The drones had cleared out the haunt and were now ripping up floorboards, overturning tables, and shredding the walls. It was obvious the Saurians were looking for something.

“Well?!” Siege bellowed, “Where is it?!”

“I swear,” the Chameleon whined, “we tailed the thief right here!”

“The blaggard must’ve disposed of it among this wretched tavern somewhere.” Wraith insisted, “He certainly didn’t take it back to that accursed Pond.”

Siege growled deep within his throat and opened his communicator, “Lord Dragonaus.”

“Have you found it yet?” Dragonaus demanded just as soon as his image appeared.

“Not yet my lord.” Siege confessed, “But don’t worry. Wherever he hid it, we’ll find it soon enough. He’s not goin’ anywhere without the other half and he’ll need our bait for that!”

Siege looked back at the woman struggling against the firm grip of two Hunter Drones as Dragonaus replied, “You had better be right Siege, or it will be your scales!”

The communicator deactivated and the orange lackey approached the female raccoon as she jerked herself further out of the drones’ clutches. “Forget it girly,” Siege laughed, “you’re not goin’ anywhere and there’s nothin’ that can save you now.”

“HA!” she mocked, “Racco will knock your whole species back into that dimensional prison for this! No one outsmarts The Ringers.”

Chameleon chimed in as the drones continued to search, “Oh yeah! Well your boy toy doesn’t even know how to find our ship so nah!”

Rischa narrowed her black masked eyes, “Racco’s got connections ya oversized gecko, he’ll find ya and teach ya some manners, you just wait!”

Before another exchange of insults could take place Wraith grinned menacingly as the drones found what they’d been searching for, “Ah…here it is, the tail of the Jade Salamander. Said to produce the power of electrical conductivity.”

“Great,” Siege huffed, “now all we need is the rest of the darn statue and Dragonaus can rule the world.”

“And I got dibs on Australia!” Chameleon added.

Rischa squirmed in the metal grasp of the drones when suddenly headlights shone through the shattered window. “Looks like it’s curtains for you boys!”

“The ducks!” Siege exclaimed as the Duck Cycle shut off.

“We’d better take the loot and run!” Chameleon said as he and the others activated their teleporters and beat a hasty retreat with the statue and their captive.

Duke and Tanya rushed in just as the last drone disappeared, “Aw beautiful!” Duke griped, “We just missed those creeps!”

“Not exactly the kind of place you’d wanna take the family to for dinner,” Tanya remarked as she looked over the shambled bar. Then she spotted something lying on the floor, a gold earring with black stripes near the bottom. She recognized the jewelry instantly, “The Ringed Gang.”

“What was that?” Duke asked over his shoulder as he picked up an empty safe.

“I’d say those lizards had company.” Tanya answered walking over and handing the earring to Duke. “I know whose this is. Her name’s Rischa Furband, she’s a member of a gang of raccoon thieves from Rodemont 7.”

“From where?”

“It’s a planet in the same dimension as Felonia.” Tanya replied in a matter-of-fact tone. “They may come from a dishonest trade, but they’re the best allies ya could ask for. This guy named Racco leads them. Rischa’s his girl, and uh, partner in crime.”

“Sounds like the perfect team.” Duke responded slyly. “So you think these guys would ever pull a heist for Dragonaus?”

“The Ringed Gang? Not a chance,” Tanya stated firmly, “they’re self employed thieves. They work for no one. Especially someone like Dragonaus who, as ya might’ve guessed, isn’t on good terms with The Pride.”

“Impressive connections ya got there sweetheart,” Duke tucked the empty safe under his arm and headed back out the window with Tanya, “Guess we’d better take this back to The Pond and see what we can find out about what might’ve been in it.”

Hopping on behind Duke she slid her clawed hands up his chest, “There’s no hurry ya know. We could--uh--always take the long way home.”

A mischievous spark flickered in Duke’s eye as he revved the engine, “Hold on tight angel, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”


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