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Images from The Ages of Myst
A picture of the computer game Myst
Myst is the first game in The Ages of Myst series, created by Cyan Worlds, Inc. "Myst introduced players to a beautiful new world full of culture, fantasy, turmoil, and secrets" (from Ages of Myst fifth anniversary commemorative edition). It was a computer game unlike any ever created. Myst sold over five million copies and won twenty-seven awards for excellence.

"Myst is the surrealistic adventure that became the world for over five million fans who journeyed to an island full of mystery - where every rock, scrap of paper, and sound may hold vital clues to your unraveling a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice that defies all boundaries of time and space." (from Ages of Myst fifth anniversary commemorative edition).

Game Description:

In Myst we are introduced to the main characters in all of the Myst games. First there is Atrus. Atrus is part D'ni (a race of humans who live in the depths of the earth) and has the ability to create Ages. Atrus and his wife Catherine have two sons, Sirrus and Achenar. In the game, Atrus has imprisoned his sons in prison ages, for doing some things he didn't approve of. Sirrus and Achenar need your help to get free. You can do this by solving puzzles and traveling to other Ages and bringing back pages from the prison ages. But, you can only free one of the sons, which one will it be?


Here are some of the original sketches for Myst.
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