452gals.jpg (152112 bytes)  Marge Jaegel, Rita O'Neill, Julie Dipaola

cameragals.jpg (43745 bytes)  Rose Marie Vierra, Patricia Heeg and RoseMary Jurgens (Nice cameras!)

marlorry.jpg (93154 bytes)  Marie Foulkes and Loretta Grammattica

smgroup2.jpg (31408 bytes)  Lots of familiar faces in here. I believe that this was the cast and crew of our 8th grade play.

willie.jpg (65236 bytes)  This is from our 8th grade play, WILDCAT WILLIE GETS THE WOOLIES.  Left to right are Martha Langen, Frank McNamara, Charles Ray, Sandra Berman and James White

Some from Diane Cordoba (McGee)

  Top: Diane Cordoba, Barbara Perry and Marge Jaegel.  Bottom row; Rita O'Neill, Rose Mamone and Sonja Dalcin at the 8th grade picnic in Alum Rock.

  Rose Vierra, Bob Renko and Diane Cordoba (going to a folk dance)

  Chris Cannizzaro, Rose Vierra Tom Gularte, Diane Cordoba and Lorrie Grammatica.  This was at Sandy Berman's graduation party.