Some Picnic and Graduation photos from several people

Graduation Photo

picnic2.jpg (75498 bytes)  "Hop on the bus Gus".  Martha Langen, Frank Maldonado,  and Ron Sobrero on the way to Alum Rock.

picnic3.jpg (52864 bytes)  Pat Watters, John Mendes and Cynthia Matthews

picnic1.jpg (39872 bytes)  Sisters Laura and Lorraine (I think)

grad6.jpg (33506 bytes)  Graduation assembly in the auditorium.........

grad2.jpg (36532 bytes) .......... Under the watchful eye of Sr. Laura

dancedeco.jpg (38734 bytes)  Someone did a great job on the dance decorations

grad1.jpg (35277 bytes)  Ron Bosetti, Ron Sobrero, Bob Chibante and Bob Renko doing the hopak or something

grad3.jpg (26065 bytes)  Ron Bosetti, RoseMary Jurgens and Roselyn Mamone.  Would that be the "Bunny Hop"?

grad7.jpg (43292 bytes)  See yourself here?

grad8.jpg (35307 bytes)  How about here?

grad4.jpg (41820 bytes)  Fr. Alvernaz and the moms look on.  Right of Fr. Alvernaz is Mrs. Sobrero, Mrs. Bosetti, and Mrs. Murray (Barbara).  I don't know the others.

  Top: Barbara Murray, Judy Medina, Marie Foulkes and Sandy Berman

                  Bottom:  Rose Mamone, Frank Maldonado, Lorrie Grammatica and Ed Gunderson

I recall that we had graduation picture day(s) in the convent gardens.  Following are some of those shots;

grad9.jpg (80523 bytes)  Rose Vierra and Pat Watters.

cl52grp.jpg (169626 bytes) (left to right from top row down) Chris Cannizzaro, Bob Rendo, Rose Vierra, Marie Foulkes, Darlene McCampbell,  Frank Maldonado, Barbara Murray, Judy Medina, Ed Gunderson and Tom Gularte.

patty.jpg (144295 bytes)  Patricia Heeg

  Rita O'Neill at the Convent grotto

Acting goofy; Top - Bob Chibante, Ron Bosetti, Frank McNamara, Ron Sobrero and Tony Salel. Middle - Bob Renko, Frank Maldonado and Chris Cannizzaro.  Bottom - Ed gunderson



Think that these are from Confirmation May Crowning

   "On this day.......    (An audio file of the hymn most representing the May Crowning that we did every year)

conf1.jpg (51120 bytes)  Sandy Berman, Sonja Dalcin, Judy Medina, Rose Mamone, Chris Cannizzaro, Ron Bosetti, Diane Lagomarsino, Barbara Murray, Rosemary Jurgens, Darlene McCampbell, Eddie Gunderson and Helen Orthmann

conf2.jpg (74706 bytes)  Jim Hayes, Marie Foulkes, Jack Hill, Barbara Perry, Loretta Grammattica, Frank Maldonado, Charles Ray, Diane Cordoba and Martha Langen