Following are close-ups of the photo on number two hatch taken sometime in 1965.  All but two officers are present and it appears that most of the chiefs are present.  Only 70 of the crew are counted which leads me to believe that the photo was taken just before the ship went out of commission.  Any help in identifying individuals will be greatly appreciated.  This is the most inclusive photo that we have so far.  I don't know if similar pictures exist from other years.

Each photo has a letter designation and each person, unless they are known, has a number.  By combining a letter and a number we can be sure that we are talking about the same person.

 Block A

 Block B   All identified

 Block C   Mostly identified but some question about POWERS

 Block D

  Block E    Lone chief who didn't fit into the other blocks

 Block F

 Block G

 Block H

 Block I