Leroy Rowe, SK3


April 1962 to February 1963

leroyrowe1.jpg (28958 bytes) On after steering deck

leroyrowe2.jpg (29283 bytes) On the pier at TI                                      

leroyrowe3.jpg (23743 bytes) Relaxing on #3 hatch

rowebros.jpg (17033 bytes) Ron and Leroy ROWE, bothers and shipmates on WATCHMAN

 rowecolor.jpg (34188 bytes)a new 3rd Class Petty Officer


At the suggestion of my son we did a search of the ships I was on and what a suprise when I found all this
information about the Watchman. Sure did bring back a lot of memories. I served in the navy from Dec. 1960-Dec. 1964. I reported aboard the Watchman in April 1962 and was transfered in Feb. 1963, to San Diego for nuclear weapons school [Little did I know that years later our son would go to the same nuclear weapons school as a GMT] and from there I went to Midway Island for 14 mos. Then I was transfered to the USS Graffias AF29 and ended up in the Bay of Tonkin.

PS: my brother Ronald H Rowe and I were on the Watchman together. The Watchman never went any where but on station for patrol, but we did go to Seattle Wash. to the world's fair in 1962. After I was discharged in Dec. 1964 I lived in San Francisco [that is where my wife is from] and worked for the University of Calif. Medical Center for about 15 mo. then in June 1966 we moved to Indianapolis In where I worked for Eli Lilly & Co. I retired from there in Dec. 1993, and a couple of years ago we moved back to Ky. where I am enjoying retired life.

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