comartcl.gif (101438 bytes)Soon to be commissioned AGR-16 makes the news in Charleston, SC

comminv.jpg (38825 bytes)Invitation to the commissioning ceremony

The Commissioning Program (six individual pages)

An early photo of WATCHMAN, probably in the Atlantic.


pmiguel.jpg (98231 bytes)Watchman transits the Panama Canal, P. Miguel lock

turtles.jpg (101493 bytes)Crew prepares just caught turtles for supper

anderson.gif (164408 bytes)Anderson, MMC looks over the 19th century technology "triple expansion steam engine

lounge.jpg (139598 bytes)The CPO lounge

The SS GUAM Rescue

galleyj.jpg (275270 bytes)Yes, it was the plushest messdecks in the fleet...

deckies.jpg (32953 bytes)Charles Suns SN, E.M. Brainard BM1 and Ron Shrawder SN take a break in Charleston

lhandwp.gif (39699 bytes)Ensign Larry Hull and LT(jg) Walt Petzold, 1959

henrietta.jpg (147645 bytes)Henrietta Scurvy and her brood. 

Tomscrew.jpg (54450 bytes)Bridge watch (L to R) LT(jg) Tom Leonard, Chapman QM2?, Goss SN and two unknowns

1stlogo.jpg (96044 bytes)"Monkey in a raincoat", and so said Capt. Tuttle.  He then developed a more HC, "heraldically correct" as seen on the main page.

"The Cleanest Engine Room in the Fleet!"

62cofcpr.gif (157309 bytes)US Navy press release on change of command, Tuttle to Lawson

cofc1961.jpg (57442 bytes)Part of change of command ceremony, 1961, on #2 hatch.  (Left to Right)1st Class POs; unk, Hineline, Molloy, unknown.   Officers; Hand, Jentzsch, Cooley, Stern, Larson and Arbogast.

xo.jpg (117094 bytes)Captain Lawson assumes command of WATCHMAN, Lt. Jefferis, XO, Listens

jstjpeg.jpg (153210 bytes)Captain J. S. Tuttle speaks to the crew for the last time

agr16hero.jpg (256421 bytes)WATCHMAN sailor Jimmy CLAY becomes a hero in Portland, late 1961

1960 Thanksgiving Menu

Radar Picket Ship, AEW and NORAD call signs