4beards.jpg (31341 bytes)Ens. Sipe, LT(jg)s Price, McNamara and Krawiec show off new beards

Alswatch.jpg (85995 bytes)Bridge watch: Breazile, Jentzsch, Hamrick, Simon?, UKnown and Vargas

ready.jpg (43472 bytes)"There will be a surprise GQ at 0900"  I am ready but I refuse t get my feet wet!

turnto.jpg (96899 bytes) A beautiful day at sea.  Had to be a southern station.

Basketball in #1 hold: McNamara, Garner and Jentzsch.  Two in foreground unknown.

blueins2.jpg (193785 bytes)Operations Dept. Blues inspection at sea

capngus.jpg (97877 bytes)Captain Cheatham, last skipper, with part of the Engineering Dept

opsguys.jpg (81390 bytes)OPS guys take a breather at underway training, San Diego, 1963. Left to right: Scriber, Baines, Morgan, Burkholder, G. Scott, Stolz and Averette (this photo from 8mm movie)

anchatsd.jpg (57945 bytes)16 acnchored in Mission Bay during underway training, 1963, as seen fro the returning liberty launch.

kimes2.jpg (90650 bytes)Kimes, BM3 brings in the liberty boat in San Diego, April 1963. Clymer in there?

Playball.jpg (76433 bytes)Gubitosi, RMC throws some "heat" to DesVoignes, RDC, number 2 Hatch

snipeslib.jpg (136187 bytes)Snipes "liberty call": Top row; Carroll, unknown, Bottom; Evans, Mallow and Hughes.

The Last Crew Photo

etsplus1.jpg (50872 bytes)Et's Scriber, Morgan and Chief Neal with Radarman Espinoza at sea as inspection finishes up.  (This photo from 8 mm movie)

wwinch.jpg (71764 bytes)Zingg, SN and Morey, BM2 man boat winch.   Ens. Krawiec in background.

utahguys.jpg (149143 bytes) Top: Shriber and Unknown.  Bottom: Unknown, Cranmore and Jarrel reading DESERET NEWS

14all41.jpg (77167 bytes) In dramatic lore, they were known as the 3 Musketeers, ARAMUS, ATHOS and PORTHOS.  Those were merely aliases, their real names were Clarke, Dillard and Shriber.