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herself2.jpg (91813 bytes)Probably the best photo of "Herself"

Picket Ship, Stations and AEW call signs



ansps17.jpg (127245 bytes)The AN/SPS17 radar, developed initially for the AGR's

mialcall2.jpg (87566 bytes)P2V arrives with mail..definitely a happy time.

mount2.jpg (54005 bytes)Some say the safest spot in the Pacific was in the sights of these 3" guns.

picstas.jpg (44954 bytes)Coordinates of the radar picket stations.   Somehow they seemed further away..but at 11 knots, what doesn't?

relief.jpg (70037 bytes)Preparing for a mail transfer with LOCATOR, then it's "head her home"  Looks like they were in for a dreary patrol...


USS PROTECTOR (AGR-11). Several photos of PROTECTOR as she looks today taken in 1998 at the Norfolk Navy Shipyard, VA.

NEW YEARS EVES DECK LOGS...WATCHMAN continues the tradition.  No iambic pentameter here but OK nontheless