It is my understanding that PROTECTOR (AGR-11), which is now located at the Norfolk Navy shipyard will soon be sold for scrap.  Fortunately, the two remaining liberty ships SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN and SS JOHN W. BROWN were able to salvage parts for their continuing living history exhibits.  The engine of PROTECTOR is in the process of being removed for inclusion in the Portsmouth, VA maritime museum.  The two photos below represent topside fairly well.  AS time permits, I will add some photos of the ship's interior.

Topside of PROTECTOR from the port  bridge wing  at Norfolk Navy shipyard, June, 1999

 PROTECTOR, starboard side as seen from pier at Norfolk Navy Yard,  June, 1999


The bow....somewhat foreboding


Mess decks, view one.  Note the broom still on the table.  Could that have been left from the last call to "sweepers"?


Mess decks, view two.  The galley screens are open, ready to serve......


A boat winch


That long passageway, looking forward from frame 88.   CIC to left, Radio Central to right, berthing past hatch combing.


The movie theatre/gym.  Back of seats still labeled...


OPS berthing...still looks about the same   (just kidding)


The machine shop


The port  boat davits