The YAGR's Association held their annual reunion in Minneapolis this year at the Airport Hilton.  Seven WATCHMAN crew members showed up for this event and a great time was had by all.  The sea stories never stopped and were no doubt highly embellished.  Much time was spent reminiscing about old shipmates and where they might be now.  Most of the attendees have tried (and succeeded in some cases) to locate old friends from WATCHMAN.  During some free time on Saturday, George SCOTT, a resident of the area gave us tour of some interesting sites in the twin cities area.

Attendees were: Lex MYERS, RD2; Preston OLSON, AG3; Mel ROHAUS, RD3; George SCOTT, RD2; Gerry STOLZ, ET2, Ron SHRAWDER, SN and Frank MCNAMARA, LTJG.

2000reunion1.jpg (62985 bytes)Saturday night dinner

2000reunion2.jpg (72632 bytes)At sea again...well, almost

gmolson.jpg (82349 bytes)Preston OLSON gets commandeered as gunner's mate at Fort Snelling historical fort.

home_plate.jpg (81733 bytes)Mel Rohaus checks out "home plate" from the old Metro Stadium which has been moved to the "Great Mall of America" in Minneapolis.  The mall was built over the old stadium.