Ron Proctor, MM2


September 1962 - August 1965

proctor.jpg (64311 bytes)Ron Proctor in Watchman's ham radio shack


proctthrot.jpg (127591 bytes)Ron mans the Throttle while Mueller keeps an eye on #2 boiler.

proctgen.jpg (138664 bytes)Ron secures #1 generator set

proctpals.jpg (138911 bytes)Shipmates in the Engr. Office.  Clockwise from top left: Hughes, UNK, Proctor,Evans, Mallow, Carroll

hearnoevil.jpg (84513 bytes)Carroll, Proctor and Mallow give their interpretation of a typical strategy session in the ward room.

From the WATCHMAN Guestbook: Great site Mr. McNamara ! Brings back a lot of memories of WATCHMAN and Her Crew! Served onboard from Sept. 62 to Aug 65.

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