6 popsicle sticks
tacky glue
assorted buttons
2 small magnets
construction paper
a picture of the child


1.  Lay two sticks parallel to one another (stick 1 and 2 - left/right) then complete the frame with sticks 3 and 4 (front - top/bottom).

2. To make the picture stay in the frame, you will need to add stick 5 and 6 on the top and bottom of the frame (back top/bottom).

3. Connect these sticks with glue. 

4. When dry, decorate the sticks with paint. Let paint dry. 

5. Then glue buttons on the frame. Let buttons dry. 

6. Cut a piece of paper to fit the back of the frame. Glue that on. 

7. Cut the picture to fit in the frame, and insert the picture. 

8. Then glue the magnets at the top and bottom of the back of the frame. 

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