Plaster of Paris 
Large plastic bowl (like a big cottage cheese container) and stirrer (to mix the plaster) 
An aluminum pie plate or a plastic lid 
A large paper clip 
Permanent marker    


This is a messy craft - wear old clothes and work outside if possible. 

Before starting, collect a large container to mix the plaster in and a wide container (like an aluminum pie plate or a plastic lid) to mold the handprint in.

1. Mix a small amount of Plaster of Paris with water in a sturdy container (a disposable plastic container is the easiest) - the plaster should be stiff but creamy.

2. Pour the plaster into the flat container. Have the child make a handprint (or a footprint) in the plaster.

3. Before the Plaster of Paris hardens, push a partly unfolded paper clip into the plaster (this is how you will hang it on the wall) - or use a straw to make a hole in the plaster. The plaster will be completely dry in about a day, but you can take it out of the molding container after about 20 minutes.

4. Don't forget to write the name of the child, the date, and the age of the child on the plaster using a permanent marker.

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