Rabbit Mask


Two plain, white paper plates 
Pink construction paper or pink paint 
Crayons, markers, or paint 
Small pink pompom 


1. Making the rabbit's ears: Either paint the center of a paper plate pink or cut a circle from pink construction paper (it should be the same size as the inside of a paper plate); then glue the pink paper circle to the center of a paper plate.

2. Cut the paper plate in half (the two halves will be the rabbit's ears).

3. Making the rabbit's face: Using a new paper plate, cut a wedge (about 1/4 of the plate) out of the paper plate (the large part of the plate will be the rabbit's face).

4. Staple the ears to the face.

5. Cut two eye holes in the face.

6. Glue a small pink pompom to the center of the face (this is the rabbit's nose).

7. Staple a piece of elastic (about a foot long) to the mask to keep it in place.

8. Decorate your mask with crayons, markers, or paint. Remember to draw whiskers!

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