Ai no Sosei: Love Rebirth!
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Ai no Sosei- Love Rebirth!

200 Visitors! Damn!
200 Visitors! Damn!
And just in time for...
The BIG Ai No Sosei Remodel!
Welcome to the official home page for Ai no Sosei:Love Rebirth!, the new manga by Megami no Sakayume!
REMODEL UPDATE: Ta-da! The site may not look too different right now, but look around and you'll observe that the manga itself is brand new! I hope you all like the new look of these first 13 pages...I just finished them and it's currently 2 in the morning ^^;; So enjoy! More of the newly restyled manga will be up soon!
Ai no Sosei- What starts out as an ordinary trip to the library turns out to be anything but ordinary when best friends Suimitsu Otenba and Ichigo Kasutera find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic crusade in the name of love! Follow the adventures of these reluctant missionaries in the new manga Ai no Sosei:Love Rebirth!
Also, please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of the site and the manga, okay? Suggestions and ideas are welcome! ^.^
~UPDATE~2/15/03- Happy Slightly Belated Valentine's Day! I'm sorry I haven't uploaded any more of the manga yet...I'm having some trouble with the next bit ^^;; Patience, dear readers, I'll get it eventually. The next update will probably be a big one...ooh, the suspense...
~UPDATE~1/21/03- Almost 100 visitors?! ^.^ Thanks for your patronage, dear readers! Also, I'd like to announce my latest pet project- Ekaki Neko Mari (Painter Cat Mari)!!! Look for special "sneak previews" coming soon.
~UPDATE~1/04/02- Character page up! Read biographies and look at snazzy (computer-painted ^^;;) pictures of our intrepid heroines! Incidentally, the first 10 pages are all toned and uploaded for your viewing pleasure ^.^
~UPDATE~12/28/02- New pages up! I finally added the tone to page 5 so I guess we can move on! Having that out of the way, you can expect to see most of the first issue toned and uploaded soon, so keep checking back for new (well, newly toned) pages!

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