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Tearing down the XS B-18/19.  

by: Richard Liu

  Steps to tear down a B18/19
DISCLAIMER: Iím not responsible for any type of loss by using these procedures, use at you own risk.
SAFETY FIRST: A spring compressor is required to disassemble. NOTHING CAN REPLACE LIFE.

1. Remove two stock screws at the forearm. Remove trigger guard screws and pull out the trigger guard.
2. Separate the action and stock, and remove the plastic end cap.
3. Remove barrel block pivot bolt and separate the block from the receiver's forks.
4. Maneuver the cocking arm extension out of the sliding block and receiver (and piston). This shouldn't be hard. If it doesnít work. go to the next step.
5. Remove the (e) sliding block spring and (c) E-clip. The barrel (with cocking arm) is now separated from the receiver.
6. Remove the large screw (b) that holds the trigger block to the receiver (can be done with an adjustable wrench). The trigger block is not free yet.
7. WITH A SPRING COMPRESSOR IN PLACE, punch out the Lock Pin (a). This does not require much force (light tapping will do). Slowly back up the spring compressor to release the pressure on the spring. The travel is about 2 inches, and now the spring should be decompressed.
8. Remove the Rear spring guide (l) and pull out spring. The trigger block can be freed now. The front spring guide will come out on its own. Use a small screwdriver or similar tool and work in the slot to get the piston out of the receiver. It does need some hard pull. The yellow ring on the piston is the seal.
9. The rear sight is removed by taking out the two screws from the top.
10. Remove the butt pad by taking out the two wood screws.
11. NOTE: This is based on a BEC B18. From other people's posting, it seems to me the new XS-B18/19 does not have the (k) Spring Locating Block (correct me if I'm wrong). So the spring on the new XS-B18 is longer than the one on BEC- B18, with additional length of this block size. This also makes the new XS-B18/19 more powerful.
12. The Barrel block pivot has two plastic shims and a sleeve, shown pushed out in the picture.
You should have everything in front of you by now.

© Copyright Richard Liu. To get your B-18/19, also known as the Quest 1000 from Crosman, click on the banner below.