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Eddie's Air Gun Juice.

The quest for power and consistency. 

After over a year of testing my restoring process and Slick 50 treatments,  recently  my quest has been to find that magic solution for both power and consistency.   When I say "power" I refer to higher fps, more pellet speed in a spring piston air gun, when I say "consistency" I refer to close fps speeds/chrony numbers, stable speeds every shot.  Consistency in fps speeds produce better accuracy.

After a month of experimenting and testing  I have created a few mixtures I have tested  and out of all the mixtures I have experimented with, there are 2 special blends I have made that gave good results, one for spring piston leather seal air guns, another for spring piston synthetic seals.   I call these mixtures "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (L)" for spring piston  leather seals air guns and "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (S) for spring piston synthetic seals air guns.

According the Cardew experments (experts on air guns) some good combustion (low combustion) is needed in sport spring piston air guns for top performance.  Leather seals must be kept moist for top performance, they absorb lube and slowly release it creating a good combustion for the springer increasing it's power.  Leather seals need more lube than synthetic seals.  Synthetic seals need very lube and are made more for  consistency in shots.  This rule does not apply to spring piston air guns that are special target air guns, these air guns are made to shoot  low powered shots with no lube for prefect consistency in the shots.

In my testing I have found that both moly paste and Slick 50 Advance formula retards/dampens dieseling.  Combing both produce better consistency and increased power.

For testing results look in the index for Chrony tests I have done.

Instructions for using "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (S) for spring piston synthetic seals.

   For first time users, place 2 drops of the juice down the transfer port into the main spring's chamber.  After the initial treatment, use two drops down the transfer port  every 1,000 shots.   For low powered synthetic seal piston air guns, 2 drops every box of pellets (250 shots) will increase power.

Making "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (S) for spring piston synthetic seals.

Mix together 3:6  part of moly paste/grease with 3:6 parts of "Slick 50 advance formula", mix and shake well.   To be able to mix the juice you must start out with the moly paste/grease first and slowly mix in the Slick 50, little by little.   Place in a eye dropper type plastic bottle for use.  Shake well before using.

According to my chrony tests with this formula it takes about 10 shots for the air gun to settle down and give good consistency.

Instructions  for using "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (L) for spring piston leather seals.

First you must clean out the air gun, you may use the restoring process (see index) or you just may use WD-40 for cleaning out the chamber of old oil and conditioning the piston's leather seal.  I recommend WD-40, WD-40 conditions the piston's leather seal and causes it to swell, the leather seals swelling creates a tighter seal and produces more power.

If you have used "Eddie's Restoring Process" then just use this Juice when ever you find a lost of power in your spring piston leather seal air gun or use 2 drops after every box of pellets to maintain top performance.

Making "Eddie's Air Gun Juice (L) for leather seal piston air guns.

Mix together 1:20 part of moly paste, 5:20 parts of WD-40 and 14:20 parts of Slick 50 Advance formula, mix and shake well.  To be able to mix these 3 products, start with the moly paste/grease and the WD-40 first, mix them slowly, little by little, then add the Slick 50 in little by little mixing it all together. Place in a eye dropper  type plastic bottle for use.  Shake well before using each time.

According to my testing this mixture takes about 10 to 15 shots to settle down.

Well there you have the formulas for "Eddie's Air Gun Juice" for both leather and synthetic piston seals.  I hope you like the results.

Here is a small list of a few Chinese spring piston air guns that come with leather piston seals:

B-4-2,   XS B-3, QB-36, QB-36-1, B-2-1.

Here is a another small list of  spring piston air guns that come with synthetic piston seals:

Gamo spring piston air guns, RWS spring piston air guns,  B-21/SuperMax 1000, B-18, B-3-1, B-3-2.

This report is for reading purposes only,  if you make and use  these mixtures, you do it at your own risk. 

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