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Disassembling the B-21/TF-21.

For those of you who have a spring compressor and are handy with tools I created this step by step page with photos on how to disassemble the Super Max1000/B-21.  This air gun is totally different from other air guns it has a couple of hidden screws that must be taken out.  Following these step by step instructions/photos will help keep you from getting frustrated and it will save you time.

Here are some of the tools you will need for disassembling the B-21/Super Max 1000.  A wide Phillips screwdriver, a flat screw driver, a small flat screw driver or hex keys, a pin punch, a hammer and a pair of needle nose pliers.

First take off the stock using the wide Phillips screw driver. (Note: To keep from damaging the stock's screws the point of the wide Phillips screw driver should be filed/grinded down for a better fit inside the screw's head.)

After taking off the stock the first thing you must take out is the back cocking arm's pivot pin.  It has a half moon clip on the bottom, use a flat screw driver and pry it out by using one of it's slots.  Take off the half moon clip and the washer and put it aside.  Then take the pin punch and punch out the back cocking arm's pivot pin tapping it gently with a hammer. (Note: The half moon clip is later re-installed by putting pressure on one side of clip and the pin with the needle nose pliers so that it slides inside the slot on the pivot pin.)

Underneath the back part of the cocking arm there is a screw on/off safety engaging pin.  This is the pin that pushes your automatic safety device.  This pin is unscrewed using your finger tips, unscrew the pin, take it out and set it aside. (Note: If you use needle nose pliers to take it out,  the pliers will create a rough edge on the engaging pin and rough edge will cause damage to the plastic part that pushes the pin on the cocking arm.)

After taking out the safety's engaging pin you may start to use your spring compressor to release the pressure on the main spring's pin.  After releasing the pressure use a pin punch with a hammer on the side of the pin that is less peened, gently tap the pin out with a hammer.

After you have taken out the main spring's retaining pin take out the triggers assembly, the spring's guide and the main spring.  Now the pressure has be released from the chamber, push the chamber back and look for a hole on top of the pressure chamber.  Inside there is a Hex screw that holds the top pivot base of the cocking arm.   In the photo I am using a small flat screw driver, I find the small screw driver makes it easier to take out the Hex screw, you may use a Hex key if you have one.  After taking out the Hex screw, take off the cocking arm and put it aside.

By now you should have the B-21 disassembled, here is a photo of all the parts.  After doing the repairs or tuning it is just a matter of remembering how you took it apart and putting it back together.   A couple of things you should take in mind when reassembling the B-21 is  to put the Hex screw and the front part of the cocking arm in before installing the spring.  The other important thing that has to be done is, after screwing back the rear safety engaging screw make sure the safety is off when you install the back part of the cocking arm with the pivot pin of the cocking arm, if you don't put the safety off, your piston will not engage properly and your B-21 will not fire. To get your B-21/TF-21, click on the banner below.


For all brands of super powerful discount pellet air guns, paintball guns etc.,  scopes, hunting supplies try "Eddie's Super Cool Discount Stuff", we also have a full line of outdoor gear. 

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