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Air Gun Links

If you like air guns you will find these sites interesting.

 "Eddie's Air Gun Forum", where you can post messages about air guns, exchange ideas, ask for information, ask for repair info, post about air gun hunting, post photos, talk about modified air guns, lubes and any other air gun related  theme.  Have a good time sharing air gun info with other air gunners. 


Need a Paintball Gun or Soft Air Guns, get it here, they also have a good introduction article on their home page to this hobby.  Great Fun for all ages. Click below .

Need some info, manual, parts diagram of the QB-78?  Try this site it is packed with info about this CO2 air gun.

  Would you like to see some vintage air guns?   Here is a U.K. site that sells them.

"Air Guns Today-Inc".  Air Gun Sports Conservation, this site has good reviews, links and other interesting information. 

This is a very interesting site, "Air Rifle Links and Demos", has some great demos for scope users and other interesting demos, links and information. 

Ever wonder what is the true fps on that Chinese air gun you have, check here to see the Shanghai Manufacture's  rated fps on your Chinese air gun.  When you click on this one a Language display will pop up, just click on "Cancel".

For the best replacement spring piston main springs made in the U.S.A, check out Jim Maccari's site to see if he has the replacement for your air gun.  He also has some interesting tips and information. 

JBM Trajectory (Basic) Calculation Page..

 For a highly precise tabular output, try this site.  (500 fps on up only.)

For "High end products for Olympic style target shooting competitions" accessories, click below.

For a in depth look at the Super Max 1000/B-21, it's history, taking it apart and just about everything about it, with photos, check here.

Here is a very interesting page with photos of  home made air guns.  These air guns are made with some parts of other air guns, some of them are very interesting and original.  Check it out.


Everyone knows that a powerful air gun makes a good survival tool.  Are you interested in Survival?  Here is a free Survivalist's Library, full of great info that could save your life in the future.  Very interesting cool reading material. 

Here is a interesting collection of info about the QB 78,  posted by different QB-78 air gunners..

A very interesting page about pellet testing and facts about combustion in spring piston air guns.

If you need info about the XS B-20, here is a good page full of info about this model. 

Would you like to know a little more about the Cardew testing ?  Try this link.

There are some interesting air gun articles at "Air Gun HQ" and for you air gun smiths/writers, if you write a good air gun article they will post it on their site.

Here is another interesting site that has lots of reviews about everything, it has a good section of interesting reviews made by the general  public about air guns and if the review you write is good enough they will publish it on their site.  Check out "Review Centre". 

OK, for you guys who speak and read Spanish, here is a interesting site about air guns in Spanish.  A gozaarrrr! 

Took your air gun apart and can't figure how where that strange looking part goes to?  Try this site it has a lot of part diagrams of different air guns.

Need a parts diagram about a RWS model air gun.  Check here. 


Decided to do some rat hunting?  Find out all about rats and rat hunting on this site "Rat Kill". 

Interested in a Marksmanship Program, try this site.

Hunter's Shooting Association

Advanced Field Marksmanship for Hunters

For a fast reference to more interesting links about air guns, try this site. 

Do you need some wholesale camping/hunting gear, check here at Wholesale Direct.

For a fast reference to more interesting info., calculators, etc. about air guns, try this site. 

These are only a few of the interesting sites about air guns on the internet, as time goes I will place more interesting links about air guns.  Soooo, stay tuned!

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