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Air guns


What to do with your new XS B-4-2 when you receive it.


Many air gunners ask me on the air gun forums, what they should do with their new XS B-4-2 when they get it.  Here are some recommendations I give.

The first thing you do is

clean off the grease the air gun comes with on the outside, me I use WD 40 and paper towels to take off that grease.

Take out the stocks screws, take off the stock and lube the main spring (about 6 drops) and the trigger assembly (4 drops) with Slick 50 motor oil treatment. Also lube all pivot points.

Next step is to loctite the stock's screws, loose stock screws cause bad accuracy. Clean the stock's screws with Isopropyl Alcohol, then use blue loctite on the threads and screw down the screws tight. If you don't have blue loctite, use clear finger nail polish.

After that, check the cocking arm of the air gun to see if it aligns with the cocking arm's clip and adjust it. If you find too much side play in the cocking arm, this can be corrected by cocking the air gun, leaving the cocking arm down all the way and bending inwards the pivot's "U" block side's corners a little, this can be done either by giving it a slight blow with a brass hammer or using vise grips and squeeze the sides in, if you use vise grips or a regular hammer use pieces of card board to keep from marring the bluing of the air gun.

Now that all this is done, the next step is to lube the chamber. Cock the air gun and you will see that the sliver tube (pressure chamber) moves backwards, in the front of this chamber there is a black plastic breech seal, put 6 drops of Slick 50 down the chamber and work the chamber up and down using the cocking arm for about 30 seconds. Shoot off any excess lube, by shooting 2 to 3 times.

Now shoot the air gun to see if it is sighted in, most of these air guns (if inspected) come sighted in. If not, you will need a slotted screw driver and a small hammer with a wide punch to sight it in. In the XS B-4-2, the sight's adjustments are up front. Elevation is done, by using a slotted screw driver in the front sight and screwing it up or down in favor of the elevation you want.  Windage is done by a tapping method, the front sight has a slide bar, you tap on the ends in favor of the windage you are looking for.  If you don't have a slotted screw driver, one can be made out of a old screw driver by cutting off the end with a hack saw and using a electrical jig saw with a metal cutting blade and cutting a slot in the end of the old screw driver.

You are now finished and can really enjoy your tuned air gun.

I recommend you lube the air gun every box of pellets with 3 drops of Slick 50 down the chamber. Lube all pivot points every 1000 shots.


Here is my Desert Camo style XS B-4-2  (.22 cal.) that I painted  with a modified stock that I installed a handle to, notice the pellet holder I made by drilling holes in the end of the stock's butt, holds 10 handy pellets for fast loading. 


Air guns

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