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Restoring air gun power.

(Eddie's Restoring Process.)


After a conversation on the internet on the Chinese Air Gun Forum with Jim Durham, he mentioned that he had read someplace that WD 40 Penetrating fluid restored air gun power.   I started thinking about the matter and I thought as a lubricant it could not work too long, because WD 40 dries fairly fast and is too thin, but as a dissolvent it could work.  I have used WD 40 for years to take half dried paint, tar off my hands and other surfaces and off course it take rust out too.  

  I knew one of biggest problems about air guns is the dieseling of oil inside the chamber and that once the oil diesels it becomes a sticky oil/tar and causes power lost to air guns.   Most Chinese air guns come flooded with oil and the oil they use seems to be regular motor oil, not cylinder oil.  One of the main complaints about Chinese air guns is the lost of power after shooting it, for about a 50 to 100 rounds.  I believe that oil dieseling is the reason of the lost of power.  You could take the air gun apart and clean out the piston chamber, but for that you would need a spring press and not every one has one.  After I finished my brain storm, I went to testing.

I took my favorite plinking rifle, a B-42 that has over 5,000 shots on her and decided to use her for the testing.   My B-42 has been under "Slick 50" (Advanced Formula) treatments ever since I bought her and was shooting a good 720 to 780 fps even with all the rounds I have shot out of her.  I knew that my B-42 could not shoot thru a 3/4 inch thick piece of pine wood and decide that after the treatment that would be the test. 

Info about "Slick 50's Advance Formula" treatment.

On my testings I have found that "Slick 50's Advance Formula" gives the piston's seal, the pressure chamber's walls and the inner barrel a Teflon coating.  This Teflon coating is known as the "moly effect".  It reduces friction, reduces heat and increases (fps) speeds on spring piston air guns.  I have used these treatments on my spring piston air guns for about a year now with no negative side effects.

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The Process.

Caution, I do not recommend using this process on air guns that the manufacture does not recommend lubing and I do not recommend using WD 40 in magnum class air guns with synthetic piston seals.  Only in lower powered Chinese air guns that have lost their power.   

The restoring process works best with air guns that have leather piston seals, such as the XS B-4-2, XS B-7, XS B-3 and the Industry models  B-6, QB-36, QB-36-1, QB-36-2.

Let us start with the basics for those of you who are new and know little about air guns.   To lubricate a spring piston air gun you first must cock the spring piston air gun, once cocked you lubricate the barrel and the chamber holes, the chamber hole is where the air comes out of, this is the pressure (piston) chamber is and this is where the piston with it's seal is.

Now back to the process, first cock the rifle and flood the chamber with WD 40, after filling 1/5 of the chamber with WD 40 take the cocking arm and work it up and down to help clean out old sticky oil and tar out of the chamber for a few minutes.  Also spray some WD 40 down the barrel to help clean out any oil and lead dust it may have.   Shoot off 3 rounds using flat head pellet to help clean out the barrel.

Now after a cooling time of 5 minutes, repeat the process again, flooding the chamber, working the cocking arm up and down and put WD 40 in the barrel also, but this time shoot off 6 rounds to help get the excess WD 40 out of the chamber and the barrel.  Let the air gun cool off for about 10 minutes.

Now take "Slick 50" (Advanced Formula) motor oil treatment and place 4 to 6 drops down the chamber hole and 6 drops down the barrel.  "Slick 50" will create a Teflon coating (moly effect) to the chamber/ piston's seal and the inner barrel to help reduce friction and speed up the piston's action.   Shoot off  10 fast rounds to help heat the treatment, after that, the treatment is complete.


After the treatment I took my B-42 and decided to test it.  I used "Crosman Pointed pellets" and I shot at a 3/4 inch thick piece of pine wood at 15 feet of distance and I checked the results.  On the first shot the pellet almost went thru, on the 3rd shot  the pellet went thru completely.  I then shot off 5 more rounds and all of them went thru the 3/4 inch thick piece of pine wood with ease.  I can safely say my B-42 is now shooting about  800 fps after dieseling.  I believe the shot that went thru the pine was with the help of combustion and  with a little help of combustion my B-4-2 might have reached up to 900 fps.  The results were positive and great.

I then remembered that my new QB-36 had lost some of it's power and was not passing thru the 3/4 inch thick piece of pine, like it used to, I guess the oil dieseled too.  I gave my QB-36 the same treatment.  I then tested it and it went back to it's original power, 900 fps and was shooting thru the 3/4 inch piece of pine with ease. 

Some thoughts about the process. 

The restoring process tends to work best with spring piston air guns that have leather piston seals.  WD 40  tends to clean the leather piston seals and swell them for tighter pressure, permitting the leather seal to absorb new lube, the Teflon that Slick 50 has reduces friction and creates faster speeds (fps).  According to the Cardews (experts on air gunning) sport air guns need good slow combustion for top performance.  The leather piston seal tends to absorb the lube (Slick 50) and creates a slow release of good combustion giving the spring piston air gun top performance. 

I also found that on your high powered magnums with synthetic  piston seals that have lost power, that 4 drops of "Slick 50 Advance formula" restores the lost power.   I would avoid using WD-40 on these high powered magnums due to the high  speed friction and temperatures they create which can really cause violent combustion and cause damage to the piston's seal/main spring.

Also for those of you that do like the idea of putting oils in the chamber of your spring piston air guns but want to improve it's power/speeds (fps).   Just turn your air gun barrel down  ( un-cocked) and squirt about 6 drops of "Slick 50 Advance formula"  behind your piston's seal and place about 10 drops all around your main spring.  Let the air gun sit upside down for about 5 minutes.   In this way the "Slick 50" will not enter the chamber and it will give the moly effect only on the chamber walls and the main spring.  This lube job will reduce friction on the chamber walls and the main spring and will help to increase speeds (fps).

This "Restoring Process" and using "Slick 50" is not recommended and if you do it, you do it at your own risk. 

But one thing is for sure, it works.

Letters from a Chinese Air gun forum on the internet about people who have tried "Restoring Process":

thanks eddie-slick 50 test results
December 30 2001 at 3:26 PM
marv  (Login 480volts)
from IP address

ed, just want to let you know the results of slick-50 treatment. i originally used prolong with no positive improvements so iflushed out the b4-2 .177cal &.22cal and followed your restoration process to the "T"and the verdict is in. Yes it works and with marked improvement in velocity. i don't have any instruments to measure increased velocity in fps. but before the treatment ,the .22cal using wad-cutters i could not consistantly bury them in a piece pine shelving and after well, every pellet was buried in the pine,the .177 also had marked increase too! thanks again. i didn't get the test results you got but hopefully as the rifle breaks in and settles down it will shoot through the 3/4" pine. i also treated my b3-1 in .177 & .22 they also showed improvment. how many rounds do you recommend in between treatments? or is this process only to restore power? how about couple of drops each time i decide to take rifle out to shoot or is too much?
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Results, WOW!!!
December 31 2001 at 12:50 PM
Bassfisher  (Login bassfisher)
from IP address

I am not speeking for anyone other then myself on this issue (slick-50). I finished my restoration job on my XS-B3 .177 cal. air rifle using Eddie's instructions on flushing the chamber with WD-40 and adding a few drops of slick-50 to the chamber and barrel, and as I stated in my previous article there was a serious loss of power to the rifle, but let me tell you, there is definately no loss of power anymore. It is at least back to factory power if not better and seems to be alot smother to shoot. The first three shots dieseled pretty bad but smoothed out and doesnt seem to be dieseling any more. I would have to say that I am realy impressed. I have shot about sixty pellets through it so far since the restore, hopefully it will keep on shooting strong, as for now I am very pleased and will continue Eddie's process on all of my air rifles.
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Hey Eddie,I tried your slick 50 tune on my B22 and.....
January 12 2002 at 9:14 AM
Leadslingger Leadslingger   (Login RWParker)
from IP address

it seems to do the job. It had been previously
tuned with velocity tar. I washed this out with
WD40.Then I put a bunch of slick50 down through the
transfer port. I let it set for about 30 mins.
Then I shot it. It didn't blow up! It did diesel
very hard for about 5 shots. I shot at targets
@ 15 yrds. It shot all over the place for about
15-20 shots, then it settled down. Shot dime sized groups at 15 yrds. One thing I can tell as a result
of this treatment is the gun seem to shoot a lot quieter
after it settled down. I had previous to the tune shot my "test apparatus", a 2x8 spruce board. With the moly
tune pellets penetrated about a 1/4 inch. With the slick 50 they went in at least 1/2 inch. I think
I might have picked up some fps. I hope somebody
will try this who owns a chrony, as to achieve
more scientific data on the results. But from the before and after on my gun,I believe this tune
benefits springers. BTW I was using Benjamin-Sheridan
14.3 gr.domes.
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So as you can see by the letters I have been getting from those daring enough to use the "Restoring Process" that it works.

Most people ask me what to do after the process to keep their air guns shooting powerfully, my answer is the following.

After the "Restoring Process" about every 250 shots or a can of pellets, place 2 drops of "Slick 50" Advance formula down the piston's chamber and 3 drops down the barrel in spring piston air guns with leather seals.  Shoot off the excess oil (for about 5 shots).   This will help to keep your air gun in top condition.  In air guns with synthetic seals put one or two drops down the chamber every 1,000 shots.  

If you should notice that with in time (around 1,000 shots) that your air gun loses power, repeat the restoring process again in leather seal spring piston air guns.

Sincerely, Eddie Ferrer, Web Master.

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