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Mounting a Scope on the XS B-4-2.


A XS B-4-2, .22 cal. with a gloss black painted stock and a 4x15 Chinese Scope with coated lens.

For those of you that plan on scoping your XS B-4-2, here is some advice on how it is done.

First of all a scope must be made for a spring piston air gun, a regular rifle scope can not hold up to the back and front impacts of a spring piston air gun when it shoots. Regular fire weapons scopes are only made to take the back impact of a fire weapon. I find that the Crosman 4x32 Target Finder Superscope to be a sturdy scope for spring piston air guns, it also comes with it's own rings and clamps and runs for less than $50.00 and is made for spring piston air guns. If you prefer a low budget scope, a Chinese 4x15 scope with coated lens will work, remember to check with the dealer to find out if the lens are coated, uncoated lens are blurry, coated lens are clear and crisp.

Before even attempting to mount a scope make sure the barrel is aligned, a mis-aligned barrel will not let you sight in a scope.

A thing that must be done to the XS B-4-2 is to glue down the scope's rail, the rail is held in place by a spring clamp on the back, the vibrations of the air gun tend to move the scope and the rail side to side causing bad accuracy. To correct this, unscrew the screw that holds the rail to the back sight, take the screw out completely and pull out on the back part where the clamp is, by pulling on it firmly up, the rail and the clamp should come out. Next step is to clean the surface of the rail, the clip and the surface of the air gun where the rail is going to be glued to. Use Isopropyl Alcohol or a degreaser to clean the surface free of all oil and grease. After doing this use Goop glue or Super Silicone glue to glue down the rail in place, use glue on the rail and the clip, re-install the rail and clean up any excess glue with a lint free cloth. Let this dry over night before trying to install the scope. Doing this will keep the rail in place and keep it from moving to the sides when shooting.

After the glue has cured, measure out a comfortable distance on the scope's rail where you will install the scope for the distance, where your eye will be on the stock when you shoot, a proper distance is one where your head and neck is comfortable and you can see the full view of lens. Open the clamps completely, slide them on the rail and tighten them just a little to insure the distance from your eye is comfortable when you shoot and make sure the scope's cross hairs are in level, if not, loosen the top screws of the rings and adjust the scope by turning it slightly until the scope's cross hairs are level, do not turn the knobs upside down by turning it too much. After insuring all this, loosen the clamps again and place a little Goop on the ends of the clamps before tighten them down, this will help against scope creeping. Let the glue cure again for about 12 hours.

Sighting in the scope is done many ways, I use a sight scoping tool, others use a rifle rest with a clamp, each person has his method. I will assume you don't have either of these, so I will explain how to do this with out tools, use a base of some sort, a wall, a chair or a table to steady the air gun when shooting. You have two adjusting knobs on the scope, the top one is for elevation and the side one is windage. Put up a target about 20 feet away, concentrate on your target and shoot 3 shoots at the same place, the idea here is to get a tight group of pellet holes any place on the paper. On the adjusting knobs you will see a arrow with a point on the windage it should have a "R" with the arrow pointing to it, this means when you turn this knob towards the point of the arrow the sight will adjust to the right. On the top adjusting knob, you should see another arrow point to "Up", this means if you turn the knob in that direction it will go up, turning it the other way will lower it. Keep on adjusting and shooting 3 shot groups until you have the air gun sighted on the bull eyes on the target. In other words you want to move that tight 3 shot group on to the bull's eye by adjusting the scope, not by moving the rifle around. By now you should have the scope/shots on paper, on the bulleye's, now it is just a matter of just doing the same thing over and over, but putting the target further away. You started with 20 feet, move to 40 feet sight in again, 60 feet, sight in again, until you get to the range you plan to shoot at. A good range sight in for the B-4-2 is 30 yards, which will be fairly accurate up to 40 yards.


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For all brands of super powerful discount pellet air guns, paintball guns etc.,  scopes, hunting supplies try "Eddie's Super Cool Discount Stuff", we also have a full line of outdoor gear.