You Know You Watch Too Much Gundam Wing When......

1. You go up to your crush and say "Omae O Korosu" or in English "I will destroy you"

2. You act out scenes from Gundam Wing with your toy gundam models

3. You can quote the series and Endless Waltz, word for word.

4. You stalk the new boy in school who looks an awful lot like Heero.

5. When some guy in some country who is pushing for peace gets assasinated you instantly blame it on OZ.

6. You can sing all the GW songs in Japanese without looking at the lyrics.

7. You go to the circus and search for a boy with a Trowa-like haircut.

8. Yourmom knows everything about each pilot.

9. Your grandmother knows everything about each pilot.

10. You got sent to the Prinicipal's office when you got in a fight with a GW hater.

12. You call yourself Shinigami.

13. You begin to rant about justice, for really stupid reasons.

14. Your room is filled with images of the GW characters.

15. You name your pet after your fave GW character.

16. For an English paper you wrote about Gundam Wing, and failed, but you are still happy because you got to write about your fave anime.

17. You begin to tell people that your fave GW pilot is your boyfriend or best friend.

18. When you do something wrong you tell your parents "OZ made me do it."

19. You stare at the computer screen, so that by some chance you will get on the Zero System.

20. You attempt you place your broken bone back into place like Heero Yuy. (GROSS!)

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