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My page is on japanese animation (also known as anime). The difference between anime and other types of animation is that anime has more detail. Here on my page you will find my own links and my favorite pages. I also just go an ani-mayhem starter set- 76 cards of various anime series. I also got my new pokemon card game in the mail.Send me your banners and I will try to post them up. MUSIC-KoRn-Freak on a leash

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My favorite pages

1.)Click here to
    visit Anime Inn
5.) search engine
My Favorite page for images- has 29,000 images
!!!My uncles page. If you like collecting you should check it out!!!
Counts Collectibles -Spawn-Die Cast-Hot Wheels-and Customs-

!!If you have shogo (the game). You can catch me playing it online, my screen name is Blitz_KoRn.(and yes i am a part of the Blitz Clan)

Blitz Clan Official Page

Meet my favorite band at or a better page would be

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